Modern Warfare 2 players split as most hated map seemingly removed

Santa Sena Border Crossing in MW2

Since the start of Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, one of the game’s most hated maps seems to have been missing from the rotation despite no word from the devs, and the community is divided on the decision.

Modern Warfare 2 launched with a varied selection of multiplayer maps, from larger Ground War maps to more traditional 6v6 arenas. As is always the case though, not every new battleground was quite as well received as others.

The most controversial of Modern Warfare 2’s launch maps was Santa Sena Border Crossing, consistently coming in last place on many rankings. Players called out the map’s chaotic design full of exploding cars, and even demanded a map voting feature to avoid being placed on it.

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Now, since the launch of Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, the community believes that Santa Sena Border Crossing has been removed, but not everyone is happy with the decision.

Reddit user ‘No_Okra9230’ pointed out that although Border Crossing isn’t the most popular of maps, taking it out only makes the map section in Modern Warfare 2 smaller and reduces variety.

“I thought it was a nice way to change up the pace of the game, it just needed to show up a bit less often,” said the OP. “Now that it’s removed some people are saying that was a good decision, but isn’t a small map count one of the biggest complaints of this game?”

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Others responded agreeing that taking maps out of the rotation isn’t a solution, as those that still enjoy them will be punished. “I think removing maps/game modes altogether is a s**t practice, bring back a map vote system that works,” replied one player.

“I didn’t like the map, but taking it out completely is just a big middle finger to the community,” said another. “Map editing isn’t difficult and figuring out a better layout whilst keeping the theme of a map isn’t rocket science either.”

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Map variety has been a major criticism of Modern Warfare 2 since it was released, with many growing frustrated at the lack of new maps arriving per season. Despite this, there were still players who were happy to see Santa Sena Border Crossing removed.

“The map was nigh on universally detested. If it’s gone? Good riddance,” said Momo-Velia. “I hope they never bring that s**t stain of a map back,” replied AudiFiend.

So far there has been no confirmation from Infinity Ward that the map is no longer in the game, but the community certainly seems to agree that it hasn’t appeared since the start of Season 2.

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Only time will tell if the devs are planning to remove it from the pool permanently, or if we’ll see a new version of Santa Sena Border Crossing makes a comeback in Season 2 Reloaded or Season 3.

Image credit: Activision