Modern Warfare 2 fans debate whether Dead Silence should be a Perk or Field Upgrade

Joseph Pascoulis
modern warfare 2 ghost dead silence

Call of Duty fans are divided over the possible inclusion of Dead Silence in Modern Warfare 2, with some suggesting it shouldn’t be in the game.

Dead Silence has been an extremely controversial Perk and Field Upgrade in pretty much every Call of Duty title that it has appeared in.

The hate for Dead Silence no doubt peaked with Warzone, as it became an extremely overpowered drop, allowing players to sneak up on unsuspecting teams and get free kills. Now, fans are divided over how it should be implemented in Modern Warfare 2’s Multiplayer.

modern warfare 2 ghost

Some fans among the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit are debating whether Dead Silence should be a Perk or a Field Upgrade. Despite the Perk and Field Upgrade leaks, we are yet to see any information about Dead Silence, making it unclear whether it will even be included.

Having said that, one Reddit user believes that “Dead silence should NOT be a perk,” but is rather better suited as a Field Upgrade. This is exactly what Dead Silence is in Modern Warfare (2019) and Warzone, and the user belives it helped “eliminate crutch perks from Call of Duty.”

Overall, this player believes that “as a field upgrade, Dead Silence was better than if it was a perk.”

Meanwhile, another Reddit user believes that if Dead Silence is included in the game, it should be a Perk:

“This game needs to balance the loud footsteps that MW had, either by adding ninja or dead silence without speed boost as a perk or lowering footstep audio and decreasing range on footsteps to avoid soundwhoring.”

The suggestion is that either the footsteps are made quieter for Modern Warfare 2, or they add a Dead Silence Perk into the game to prevent “pre aiming.”

Clearly, there’s a lot of debate to be had about how this controversial Perk should be included in Modern Warfare 2. However, currently, there’s no sign of it with leaks coming thick and fast.

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Image Credits: Activision

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