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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Leaked Modern Warfare 2 Field Upgrade could be utterly OP in Warzone 2

Call of Duty dataminer Reality has discovered MW2’s Battle Rage Field Upgrade in the game files, and it could be overpowered in Warzone 2.



Mara vaulting in Modern Warfare

Call of Duty dataminer ‘Reality’ has been pouring through more of Modern Warfare 2’s game files and discovered the Battle Rage Field Upgrade, and it could be completely overpowered in Warzone 2.

Several Modern Warfare Field Upgrades made their way into Warzone, and a couple were so powerful that players begged for them to be removed. Dead Silence and Stopping Power gave whoever found them a huge advantage, and it looks like another Field Upgrade could disrupt the meta in Warzone 2.

By accessing Warzone Mobile‘s game files, Call of Duty dataminer Reality has discovered a ton of information about Modern Warfare 2 and even CoD 2024. In their latest sweep, they have reportedly discovered the Battle Rage Field Upgrade and it could be a game-changer.

ghost using night vision in modern warfare 2

According to dataminer Reality, Warzone Mobile’s game files include a bunch of Modern Warfare 2 Perks and Field Upgrades, and Battle Rage immediately caught players’ eyes. This Field Upgrade acts as an “experimental stimulant that gives you an adrenaline rush.”

The files reveal that after popping the Field Upgrade, “Health regenerates quickly, Tactical Equipment is resisted, and Tactical Sprint is constantly refreshed.”

Battle Rage will particularly suit aggressive players, where they can run faster for longer, resist Flashbangs and Stuns, and quickly get their health back.

The health regeneration will be especially powerful in multiplayer, but combining all of these abilities could be completely overpowered in Warzone 2 which releases later in 2022.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Battle Rage will make its way to the final version of Modern Warfare 2, and it’s even less likely that it will then appear in Warzone 2. But, if it does, expect it to be an incredibly powerful find when playing the new map.

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Image Credit: Activision