Evil Modern Warfare 2 trick grants unlimited Dead Silence

Joseph Pascoulis
modern warfare 2 operator on Dome map

A Modern Warfare 2 pro made an extremely high-risk play to keep their Dead Silence going in Ranked Play, causing quite a stir.

Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play is an extremely competitive space, as players grind to get a higher rank, using the best weapons and loadouts possible to gain any advantage over the enemy team.

There are many tips and tricks in Call of Duty that players can use to gain the edge over the opponent, but most of these are well-known or already established in the community, such as jumping while in a gunfight to cause the enemy to shoot you in the legs.

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That said, some are much more inconspicuous and take a pro who dedicates a lot of time to the game to discover and share the strategy with the community.

During a Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play game, pro player Arcitys showed his stream how you can keep your Dead Silence going without needing to kill an enemy, and it’s pretty evil.

Usually, players will need to chain kills in order to boost the Dead Silence timer. However, Arcitys revealed that you can also boost the timer back up by team-killing, which is obviously an extremely high-risk strat, especially as you can only do it a few times before being punished.

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The pro players said, “I gotta team kill you, sorry I have to get my Dead Silence back bro,” leaving his teammate in disbelief that it actually works. Arcitys confirms that his “stream just saw him” get his Dead Silence back after team-killing.

Players in the comments for the post highlighting the play are left stunned, as one said “LMFAOOOOO noted for future use.” This may become a common strategy, which could cause issues in-game as players go around team-killing too often, as one player also said “ohh noo now everybody gonna be doing this…”

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We’ll have to wait and see how common this practice becomes, but it’s definitely a high-risk play, especially if you’re in a game mode that limits your lives such as Search and Destroy and Control.

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Image Credits: Activision

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