MW3 players claim they’re dying “instantly” despite slower TTK

mw3 player calling in killstreakActivision

Modern Warfare 3 players are discussing the time-to-die in multiplayer, claiming it is currently “broken” as they compare their experience to the beta.

Modern Warfare 3 brings yet another Call of Duty multiplayer experience to fans, with an extensive number of weapons, Perks, and Equipment.

Sledgehammer Games have made many changes from MW2, including movement adjustment and a new Armory Unlock system, which doesn’t have the best reputation so far. MW3 also brought a higher TTK to the game, giving players a chance to outgun opponents with movement and better aim, as well as get away from dangerous situations without dying instantly.

While the higher TTK is intended to give players more time while under fire, many in the community are sharing their experience with the TTD or ‘time-to-die.’

While they agree the TTK is certainly longer, players such as Reddit user THORONGIL are claiming that the “TTD is insane compared to the TTK.” In their Reddit post, they shared their experience, as they asked, “Anyone feel like they die instantly, barely able to react vs. the amount of bullets enemies take to die?”

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The player explained that they “can’t do s**t in this game,” as it feels like they are being “killed instantly.”

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The comments are full of other players sharing similar experiences, as one user said, “Something feels way, way off,” while another wrote, “I’m getting shot behind cover, I’m emptying a clip into someone only for them to whip around and 2 shot me.”

The OP then said the TTD “felt better” in the beta, and users in the comments agreed, as one player said, “I find it odd that I didn’t [have] this problem in beta.”

The same user went on to say that it could be an issue with the servers: “I think that it’s server/connection based hope they figure it out.” Others also pointed towards the servers, as one player claimed that the “desync is crazy.”

It’s unclear what is causing this issue for players, but it does seem to be “running the game” for many, as some even claim it feels “worse then MW2, which is weird considering the TTK.”

Sledgehammer Games will likely be bringing updates to the game very soon, so stay tuned as we’ll be covering it all. For now, check out our guide on the best Assault Rifles in MW3.

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