How to answer El Sin Nombre questions correctly in Modern Warfare 2 campaign

Liam Mackay
Valeria interrogating Soap in Modern Warfare 2 El Sin Nombre mission

You’ll be tasked with telling the truth while playing through Modern Warfare 2’s El Sin Nombre mission, and one wrong answer can be fatal. Here’s how to answer Valeria’s questions correctly in El Sin Nombre.

Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign is finally here in early access, allowing players to reunite with Task Force 141 while meeting new characters such as Vargas and Graves. The globe-trotting campaign takes Soap and Ghost to Mexico where they look to infiltrate a cartel party to capture El Sin Nombre, The Nameless.

In a bid to find out who El Sin Nombre is to help track down the missiles, Soap volunteers himself to be interrogated by Las Almas. Once captured and the player takes the reins, Alejandro will tell you to tell the truth, no matter what.

Here’s how to answer all of the questions correctly and survive the interrogation from Valeria. And don’t worry, there will be no spoilers beyond this section of the mission, so you can read on safely if stuck.

Do you have to answer correctly in El Sin Nombre?

Yes, Las Almas know more than you might expect, so you have to answer the questions correctly to win their favor and survive the interrogation in Modern Warfare 2‘s El Sin Nombre mission.

Answering the questions correctly will convince them that Soap is genuine and will allow him to be taken into the mansion, carrying on the mission.

Every correct answer in El Sin Nombre

Veleria interrogating Soap in Modern Warfare 2 El Sin Nombre mission

Whether you’re unsure about the true answers to the questions or are tempted to lie to Valeria in Modern Warfare 2’s El Sin Nombre, here are all of the correct answers in order:

  1. It was the Mexican Special Forces.
  2. American PMCs. Shadow Company.
  3. Phillip Graves.
  4. Missiles.

After successfully answering all of the questions, Diego and Valeria will lead you upstairs to meet El Sin Nombre.

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