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Men of War 2 has a ton of single-player content to sink your teeth into, but some missions are better than others for rewards and overall gameplay loop. Here are the best missions in Men of War 2. 

Deciding on the best mission in Men of War 2 means taking a few things into account; how is the story, what kind of rewards do you get, and what is the gameplay like for each of them? 

So, with these questions in mind, here is a ranking of the best single-player modes in Men of War 2 and the best missions each has to offer. 

All single-player modes in Men of War 2 ranked

Men of War 2 has four single-player modes, and here they are ranked from best to worst: 

  1. Raid Mode
  2. Conquest Mode
  3. Historical Mode
  4. Story Mode

It’s not to say that any of these modes are bad because they each offer something unique when you hop into a mission. But, considering everything you can do within these modes, this ranking made sense when thinking about gameplay, rewards, and story.

4. Story Mode

Story Mode is the ‘classic’ single-player mode. You’ve got six missions for each faction, and they all have rewards you can get when you complete them. 

Men of War 2’s Story Mode is great as a first try to get a feel for the game (after completing the tutorial, of course) as they have set objectives to play out. It’s simple, but the missions are effective in getting you warmed up. 

Story Mode falls in last place simply because it’s not as creative as the other single-player modes, and it often falls into the trap of being a little too tedious.

Best Story Mode mission

As for the best mission in Story Mode, that title has to go to the On Their Own Soil campaign. It’s the most brutal by far, but it’s got a very different feel from the other two.

The panic of this mission lies in trying to retreat as Germany, and the storytelling is so real at times it warrants multiple playthroughs.

Story Mode in Men of War 2
On Their Own Soil lets you play as Germany in retreat.

3. Historical Mode 

Historical Mode is an interesting take on Story Mode in Men of War 2 because you get to play through real Operations that took place in World War 2. 

If you’re a history buff, this is your mode. It’s not super different from Story Mode, though, so it experiences the same issue with replayability. 

Where it truly shines against Story Mode, though, is in the Technology Tree where you can research and field new units as you progress. 

Best Historical Mode mission

The best mission in Historical Mode is Operation Overlord, where you play as the US and try to take territory in France. The atmosphere feels different, and you’re immediately placed in a panic situation from the get go which makes for an interesting campaign.

2. Conquest Mode

Conquest Mode is an interesting new single-player campaign in Men of War 2 where you go back and forth with the AI in a bid for territory. 

You get four dynamic maps to play in for each faction, and each map has different territories you fight for in turns. One time you attack, the next you defend. It’s an interesting way to go about it, too, because strategy doesn’t only count when you’re on the mission. 

Conquest Mode’s Technology Tree is also superior to Historical Mode because you can research and field a lot more units – even experimental ones that weren’t necessarily used in the war. 

Best Conquest Mode mission

It’s difficult to say which mission is the best for Conquest Mode because they all follow the same basic pattern. So, for this one, we have to go with the best faction – which is Germany.

Germany has two different maps (compared to only one for USSR and USA), and the units are great fun to play and experiment with. 

Technology Tree in Men of War 2
The German missions give you access to interesting units in the Tech Tree.

1. Raid Mode

Raid Mode gets the top spot for one reason: Each time you enter a mission, it’s a completely different experience from the last time you played. 

The Technology Tree has the same philosophy as Conquest Mode, where you can research and experiment with a ton of different units. That makes this an endless content loop alongside the missions that are generated with new maps and objectives. 

So, Raid Mode consolidates everything good about the other single-player modes in one really fun, dynamic setting. 

Best mission in Raid Mode

As a result, it’s impossible to say which mission is the best, because it’ll be different every time. So here, again, we’ll have to go with the best faction – which in this case, would be Germany again.

Based on the units you have available to you, Germany tends to be the best all-rounder, and you can have a great time experimenting with their fast infantry and superior support units. 

That’s everything to know about the best missions in Men of War 2! If you want to know more about the game, be sure to check out our guides below.

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