Five classic maps we want to see remastered in Modern Warfare 2

Andrew Highton
rust map from modern warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2’s maps are a big determiner of the game’s overall success, and we’ve picked out five maps that we believe absolutely need to feature in the game.

It’s quite incredible how much talk and controversy there has been surrounding maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 already. From the Museum map being removed, to talk of Crown Raceway and Breenbergh Hotel also being chopped, there have been a lot of ups and down already.

Whereas the updated version of Shipment has gone down a treat, especially for Camo hunters, Shoot House has suffered from game-breaking issues.

It’s certainly been a mixed time for Modern Warfare 2’s maps, and with a few more seasons still to come, we’ve carefully selected five maps we’re eager to see return at some point in MW2.

5. Rust

rust map from call of duty modern warfare 2

The smaller Call of Duty maps always tends to be popular, which is why Shipment and Nuketown make their way into most CoD games time and time again.

Rust might be considered the greatest of them all though as for such a small map it certainly crams a ton of options into it. Whether you want to scale the tall structure in the middle or burrow your way through the crawl spaces and take cover in the hidden enclosures, Rust can be approached in many ways.

After all, the “1v1 me Rust” meme is there for a reason!

4. Pipeline

pipeline map from call of duty 4

An incredibly iconic Call of Duty 4 map that doesn’t get the love and attention that other maps do, Pipeline is typical of CoD 4’s reliance on verticality and making you aware of threats coming from all around you.

While a bit spacey at the back of each major spawn area, Pipeline’s action gets very heated once you get towards the middle, and the adjacent warehouses have a ton of well-designed sightlines that can also leave you exposed too.

The connecting underground channel is also tremendous for games of Search and Destroy.

3. Estate

estate map from call of duty modern warfare 2

Such an iconic setting is Estate, with the ability to house compelling matches of any game mode with action happening everywhere.

Featuring in the iconic Loose Ends missions in the OG MW2 campaign, matches largely focus on gaining control over the giant house, or Estate, perched on the hill. But it’s the accessibility of the house that makes the map as players can literally approach from all sides, and even then you’re not safe once inside.

Naturally, Terminal and Highrise grab the headlines with Modern Warfare 2, but Estate is another we’d love to see in the reboot sequel.

2. Strike

strike map from call of duty 4

Each sector of Strike presents players with a different fight and a different scenario to the point that it really does become mini-matches within one.

The main area is its own little mini-feud, players constantly battled for control of the central building as it gives a great 360-degree view of the map, and the market is an intricate area.

Its diversity makes it a real standout and really needs to make a long-awaited return in Modern Warfare 2.

1. Crossfire

crossfire map from call of duty 4

In essence, Crossfire is just one long street, meaning you can seamlessly transition the action from one side to the other in a heartbeat. But in doing so, you know full well that you’re running through the center of a spotlight and asking for trouble.

You get the full range of gameplay with Crossfire as the destroyed buildings allow for some tense close-quarters SMG fights, there’s plenty of mid-range combat which brings Assault Rifles and LMGs into proceedings, and sniping from one end of the map to the other can get you a seven-kill Helicopter Killstreak lickety-split.

With the host of game modes that are featured in Modern Warfare 2, and will be arriving during the course of its lifecycle, Crossfire is a no-brainer for newcomers to the map and long-time veterans of the franchise.

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