How to get Mythic Templar Operator in CoD Mobile

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CoD Mobile’s Templar Operator has returned in Mythic form for Season 6. For those who would like to get their hands on the Operator, here’s how to get the Mythic Templar skin in Call of Duty: Mobile.

CoD Mobile Season 6 has brought a lot of new content, from the introduction of the Grau, the Mythical Mission event, and a 4v4v4 Arena mode to a new set of patch notes with a heap of content.

As well as all this, the Templar Operator has returned, but this time the character comes in Mythic form. Mythic skins in Call of Duty: Mobile are the most rare and elite skins in the game, as they have incredible detail and moving patterns.

The Mythic Templar Operator is no different, as it features a spooky smoke design with detailed fantasy-themed armor. So, for those looking to unlock this Operator, here’s how you can get the Mythic Templar skin in CoD Mobile.

How to get Mythic Templar skin in Call of Duty: Mobile

Season 6 of CoD Mobile is now live as of July 6, so players can get the Mythic Templar skin through a lucky draw in the game’s store. Essentially, players will have to pull a draw with CoD Points until they get the Mythic Templar Operator, which could end up costing a lot.

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Of course, you could get lucky and pull the Mythic Templar reward early, but the probability of pulling the Mythic over the other rewards in the draw is much lower.

Every reward you pull from the draw is excluded in the next pull, so your chances of getting the Mythic Templar Operator increase as you spend CP.

Other rewards in the draw include the “Templar’s nightmarish weapon, the Legendary PP19 Bizon – Oath’s Defence,” as well as other weapon blueprints and Operator skins.

Well, there you have it, that’s how you can get the Mythic Templar Operator in CoD Mobile. For more, check out some of our other guides below:

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