Crazy CoD Mobile exploit is deleting players’ accounts for no reason

Matt Porter
Call of Duty mobile players

Call of Duty Mobile players are getting their accounts deleted for no reason, thanks to a crazy exploit that lets people delete other accounts without the use of their password.

Banning accounts is a tool used by developers to punish players who have broken the rules, whether by using cheats and hacks or being abusive in communications. Often, it is the last resort and leaves those who receive the punishment unable to enjoy the game anymore.

Unfortunately, CoD Mobile Season 2 has been marred by an insane exploit that is giving this power to other players, allowing them to delete your account and all your progress.

Standoff in CoD Mobile

This issue has been happening throughout February 2022, and was first brought to public attention back on February 19 when Ferg reported his account was gone. Since then, hundreds of players have stated that their account suffered the same fate through no fault of their own.

While nothing has been confirmed, it seems that anyone who gets your player ID and user ID to your account is able to delete it, even if they don’t know your password.

Obviously, this is hugely problematic. Many players have spent huge amounts of time on the game, and have dropped real money to buy cosmetics and Battle Passes. With this exploit, all of this is wiped out, and there are no guarantees that you’ll get it back.

While regular players have been affected, it seems that content creators are the main targets. On February 27, SonHoMobile and JHC Gaming both reported that their accounts were gone, begging the CoD Mobile devs for help.

How to stop CoD Mobile account from getting deleted

Thankfully, there does seem to be a way to stop this from happening to you. To delete your account, players need your player and user IDs, but a simple change in your CoD Mobile settings will help you hide this information.

By turning on streamer mode, your opponents won’t be able to see your actual username, which should help protect you from this exploit.

To turn on streamer mode:

  1. On the main CoD Mobile dashbaord, press settings on the top right.
  2. In the settings menu, select Legal and Privacy.
  3. Look for streamer mode, which should be the fourth option.
  4. Toggle it on.
Streamer Mode settings in CoD Mobile

Unfortunately, no CoD Mobile player is truly safe until the devs fix this exploit. While this won’t guarantee your account’s safety, it should at least help you protect it by making it more difficult to grab your details.

It’s worth being cautious about who you give your CoD Mobile information for the time being, and we would suggest not giving it out to people you don’t know and trust.

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Image Credit: Activision