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Call of Duty: Mobile

Best CoD: Mobile settings for Multiplayer and Battle Royale

If you’re trying to take your CoD: Mobile game up a notch, you may need to adjust your settings to make sure they’re the best.



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If you’re looking to take your CoD: Mobile game to the next level, here are the best settings for Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

Call of Duty: Mobile may not be the most popular CoD title, but it still has all of the makings of a standard CoD game. It has various modes including multiplayer, zombies, and battle royale.

The CoD: Mobile Battle Royale is less like Warzone and more like Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode. But the multiplayer mode is quite similar to that of a traditional CoD game. It even boasts familiar maps such as Nuketown.

While CoD: Mobile may not receive much notoriety, it still maintains a very competitive player base. And if you want to reach the upper echelon of competitors, you’re going to need the best settings.

The Best Settings for CoD: Mobile

While there are three different game modes, you’ll want to keep the settings the same between all three. You can customize each mode to your liking, but it’s easier to transition between modes if you keep them the same.

We will go from tab to tab and explain what you need to change to ensure you have the best settings possible. You can access the “Settings” menu by tapping on the cog in the top right corner of the menu screen. From here select “Advanced Mode” and then the cog next to “Custom”.

Controls Tab

  • Assault Rifles – ADS
  • SMGs – ADS/HIP (Player Preference)
  • Shotguns – HIP
  • LMGs – ADS
  • Sniper Rifles – ADS
  • Pistols – ADS
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Basic Tabs

  • Aim Assist – ON
  • Fast Throw Grenade – OFF
  • Quick Run (From Prone) – ON
  • Joystick Auto-Sprint – ON
  • Fixed R-Fire BTN – ON
  • Fixed Joystick – OFF
  • Virtual Joystick Display Position – ON
  • Right fire button for fixed perspective – ON
  • Release R-Fire BTN of Shotgun to Hipfire – OFF
  • Hide Prone Button (Hold crouch to prone) – OFF
  • ADS – Tap to ADS
  • Display Left Fire Button – ON
  • Slide (While Running) – Tap Croush While Sprinting
  • Always Sprint – ON
  • Gyroscope – ON for BR, OFF for MP
  • Camera FOV – 75

Audio and Graphics Tab

These CoD: Mobile settings may seem superficial, but graphical settings can have a serious impact on gameplay. Even on the beefiest mobile devices, players will want to turn down their settings to maintain peak performance.

  • Graphics Qaulity – LOW (higher frame rate with less resource cost)
  • Frame Rate – MAX
  • Depth of Field – OFF
  • Ragdoll – OFF
  • Bloom – OFF
  • Anti-Aliasing – OFF
  • Real-Time Shadows – OFF
  • BR Mode Graphic Style – Dynamic

Sensitivity Tab

The CoD: Mobile sensitivity settings are pretty much up to personal preference. However, here is a good baseline to get you started.

  • Rotation Mode – Fixed Speed
  • Sensitivity Switch – Switch While Opening ADS
  • Sensitivity Presets – Custom
  • Standard Sensitivity – 9095
  • ADS Sensitivity – 140145
  • Tactical Scope Sensitivty – 150160
  • Sniper Scope Sensitivity – 60-65
  • 3x Tactical Scope – 100
  • 4x Tactical Scope – 60
  • 6x Tactical Scope – 40
  • 8x Tactical Scope – 30

Gyroscope Sensitivity

  • Standard Sensitivity – 140
  • ADS Sensitivity – 75
  • Tactical Scope Sensitivity – 55
  • Sniper Scope Sensitivity – 50-60
  • 3x Tactical Scope – 60
  • 4x Tactical Scope – 45
  • 6x Tactical Scope – 25
  • 8x Tactical Scope – 15
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Once you start playing around with your settings, you’ll get a feel for what works for you. Maybe you’ll prefer all of your weapons fire from the hip, or you could find a use for Gyro controls in multiplayer.

For more CoD: Mobile, check out how to get a nuke, and stay tuned for more news and guides.