CoD Mobile Season 5 Get Wrecked: Release date, Armada Strike map, new mode, more

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CoD Mobile Season 5 get wrecked

CoD Mobile Season 5 Get Wrecked is almost here, bringing a new weapon, map, and mode to refresh the game. Here’s everything you could expect from Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5.

CoD Mobile players are gearing up to receive their fifth season of content in 2023 with the upcoming Get Wrecked update. CoD Mobile Season 5 will deliver a brand-new weapon, map, and mode to discover.

As is the standard for CoD Mobile, the devs borrow from Call of Duty titles of the past when introducing new CoD Mobile content, and in Season 5, there’s a lot to discover.

Let’s get into all of the upcoming content arriving with CoD Mobile Season 5 Get Wrecked!

CoD Mobile Season 5 release date

CoD Mobile Season 5 will arrive on Wednesday, May 31, 2023. Season 5 of CoD Mobile is titled Get Wrecked and players can expect the new content at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET / 1 AM BST.

CoD Mobile Season 5 new FFAR1 Assault Rifle

The classic Black Ops FFAR Assault Rifle is coming to CoD Mobile with Season 5. The FFAR made its debut in Black Ops 3 and went on to feature in Black Ops Cold War.

This time around, the Assault Rifle is called the FFAR 1 in CoD Mobile, and players will be able to get their hands on it via Tier 21 of the Season 5 Battle Pass. The weapon is said to have “one of the highest rates of fire in its class.”

CoD Mobile Season 5 Armada Strike map

Armada Strike is a smaller version of Cold War’s Armada.

CoD Mobile players will take to Armada Strike in Season 5, as the Black Ops Cold War map makes a return to the mobile game.

According to the devs, “Armada Strike challenges players with skirmishes above and below deck and includes rappel lines for rapid access between both levels.”

Originally, Armada debuted in Cold War as a large map designed for the Combined Arms mode. However, a small iteration of the nautical map called Armada Strike also appeared in the game.

Search & Rescue mode CoD Mobile Season 5

The Search & Rescue mode is coming to CoD Mobile with the Season 5 update. This unique mode blends gameplay features of Search & Destroy and Kill Confirmed.

The official CoD Mobile Season 5 blog states that “Search & Rescue tasks players with attacking or defending bomb sites. Players have the ability to revive downed teammates once per round.”

There’s a layer of strategy found in Search & Rescue that should provide a fresh experience for CoD Mobile fans.

CoD Mobile Season 5 The Guardian Scorestreak

The Guardian could be a powerful addition to CoD Mobile.

The Guardian is a new Scorestreak coming to CoD Mobile Season 5, and it has the potential to frustrate enemy players. Once earned, players will be able to place The Guardian and watch it emit radiation at enemy players. Enemies caught in its radiation range will have their movement slowed, their vision distorted, and they’ll receive low-level damage.

The Guardian will be available at Tier 14 of the Season 5 Battle Pass.

Check out the Call of Duty blog for CoD Mobile Season 5 for more information on the upcoming update.

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