Activision promise to “continue supporting” CoD Mobile alongside Warzone Mobile

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Activision CoD Mobile

Amidst rumors that Microsoft could potentially phase out CoD Mobile following the release of Warzone Mobile, Activision promised players that they are committed to providing new content and updates for the game.

As the saga of Microsoft’s proposed Activision acquisition rages on, the Call of Duty franchise is expected to undergo some changes. One of the rumored changes of the acquisition involves Microsoft’s plan to phase out CoD Mobile following the release of Warzone Mobile.

CoD Mobile is one of Call of Duty’s most successful titles with a massive player base and a community of devoted fans. Naturally, they were not pleased with the news of CoD Mobile’s possible shutdown spreading at the start of March.

On March 13, Activision confirmed that they are committed to the continued support of CoD Mobile, which includes providing new content and updates for the mobile title.

Activision are currently still calling the shots when it comes to all things Call of Duty. Of course, that includes planning out the future of their ongoing franchises such as CoD Mobile.

The statement never specifically mentions Microsoft‘s comments on the future of CoD Mobile, but it’s quite clearly responding to Microsoft’s previous response to the UK government’s Competition and Markets Authority.

The statement confirms that Activision are “committed to Call of Duty: Mobile,” and explained that they “intend to continue supporting the game with a robust roadmap of fresh new CoDM content, activities, and updates for the long haul.”

In the short term, this is a reassuring sight for fans of CoD Mobile, as publisher support is a positive sign.

However, it may be too soon to breathe a sigh of relief. Keep in mind that if Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision does go through, they will have the final say on all things Call of Duty.

Whether Microsoft decide to phase out CoD Mobile in favor of Warzone Mobile as previously planned remains to be seen. Given the backlash from the community, fans of CoD Mobile will be hoping that Microsoft reevaluate the future of the game if the acquisition is finalized.

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