CoD Mobile players slam insane cost of unlocking Snoop Dogg Operator

Luca Di Marzo
CoD Mobile Snoop Dogg

Call of Duty’s latest crossover brought Snoop Dogg to CoD Mobile, but players are astonished at how much money the new Operator costs.

Players have been enjoying CoD Mobile’s vintage-looking Season 3 update since its release on March 30. Alongside plenty of weapon buffs and nerf, the update also introduced players to a brand-new Snoop Dogg Operator courtesy of Call of Duty’s latest crossover.

Players who were planning on purchasing the “D O Double G” Operator were in for a shocking surprise when they discovered its absurd cost, leaving CoD Mobile players furious.

Snoop Dogg CoD Mobile menu

Call of Duty crossovers are known for their shock factor created by partnering with brands and companies that players would never expect. Just this year, CoD players received an Attack on Titan crossover that nobody could have seen coming, and a rumored King Kong vs Godzilla crossover could be coming soon.

For now, the focus is heavily on Snoop Dogg as he made his way to CoD Mobile on April 1, before his introduction to Vanguard and Warzone on April 19. The focus does not seem to be entirely positive, as players are frustrated with the steep price tag of the Snoop Dogg Operator.

A post on the CoD Mobile subreddit by dietcookie1 is full of comments by baffled players who simply cannot believe the price of the Snoop Dogg Operator.

There’s no doubt that $75 is an absurd price for some as a new premium Call of Duty title costs nearly the same price, “Better just get a new game on steam rather than buying overpriced skins like a clown and get bored of it when the next lucky draw comes.”

CoD Mobile players must acquire Snoop Dogg via the Lucky Draw system. This RNG wheel spin is far from a guarantee and the cost will mount with each spin. Most players will run up a considerable amount that may even exceed $75, before luckily landing on Snoop.

This system is vastly different than the one-time fee it will cost Vanguard and Warzone players to acquire the Snoop Dogg bundle, which is why it is receiving heavy criticism from CoD Mobile players.

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