MW3 players already obsessed with Snoop Dogg BlackCell skin

Max Candelarezi
Snoop Dogg Operator MW3 Warzone Mobile

Warzone Mobile’s Season 3 trailer revealed the alternative BlackCell Battle Pass Snoop Dogg skin and MW3 players are already obsessed with its design stating it’s the “easiest purchase ever.”

Although MW3 and Warzone’s Battle Pass usually come with plenty of cosmetic content, the premium BlackCell version further expands the offerings with alternative black and gold skin designs.

Given that Snoop Dogg is part of the Season 3 Battle Pass, he will also get an exclusive BlackCell skin. After it was revealed in the WZM Season 3 trailer, it didn’t take long for players to praise the “dope” design.

After being shared by user ‘JoeyAKangaroo’ in the MW3 subreddit, they began to share their thoughts on Snoop Dogg’s skin, with one user saying, “As someone old enough to remember the album art for Doggy Style, I may actually buy this one.”

The BlackCell Snoop Dogg Operator skin boasts a black and gold aesthetic, characteristic of the premium Battle Pass. However, it replaces the Doggfather’s head with a Doberman, adding a unique twist to its design.

“Would actually spend money on this,” a player confessed in the post’s replies. Another player added, “That’s the easiest Blackcell purchase ever. Glad I skipped last season lol.”

While some MW3 players admit to trying to limit spending money on the game, Double G’s “funny” skin makes them reconsider doing so: “I was really telling myself I was done spending money on this game. You win yet again activision.”

However, not all players are happy with the Snoop Dogg BlackCell skin’s addition and price tag: “Which one of yall is actually spending $30 for this?!” Much to the user’s surprise, many players guaranteed their purchase.