MW3 & Warzone players divided over “goofy” $30 skins

Nathan Warby
Wubz and Friendz skins in MW3 and Warzone

The release of a new bundle on the MW3 and Warzone store has led to a split in the community, as some players have praised the quirky skins while others have slammed the $30 price tag.

New skins in MW3 and Warzone are always a divisive topic, with many players calling for the games to scrap the crossovers and go back to the realistic designs they remember from past games. Now, in Season 3 Reloaded, another new bundle has caused a divide among fans.

On May 9, the Wubz and Friendz Tracer Pack hit the Call of Duty store, containing four colorful skins that have been compared to “Teletubbies,” each with a set of googly eyes. It also contains two Blueprints, a Large Decal, Weapon Sticker, Charm, and Loading Screen for 3,000 CoD Points, which equates to $30.

After they went live, many players expressed their anger at the fluffy skins, especially the hefty price tag compared to other bundles.

“They are literally taking the p*ss now, thinking we will buy anything,” said one reply to CharlieIntel’s X post, before another added: “3K CoD Points? They’re having a laugh.”

The debate continued over on Reddit, as ‘BattuMan‘ posted: “This game has totally lost its identity. WTF is this bundle?” Plenty of other replies agreed with the OP, as some called out the “goofy” skins for ruining the aesthetic of the game.

“Warzone morphing into Fortnite,” said one reply, while a different player added, “so many things wrong with the game and they add Barney and his friends. God I hate this company.”

However, there were also plenty of MW3 and Warzone players who loved the Wubz and Friendz bundle, welcoming the fuzzy characters into the game.

“I’ve never bought a bundle so fast, gonna be rocking the purple people eater for a while,” posted one happy fan. Meanwhile, another added: “I love that this bundle is triggering so many people, long live WUBZ.”

This is also the latest Tracer Pack to feature the Party Bonus, which grants extra XP when playing with friends. So, any MW3 and Warzone player who equips it will also be helping their friends level up their guns and Battle Pass in the process.