What is the “Hunt for Adler” event in Cold War & Warzone Season 3?

Andrew Highton
cod cold war hunt for adler season 3

Amongst all the new content announced for Cold War & Warzone Season 3, a mysterious event has also crept under the radar. “Hunt for Adler” promises rewards and even an Operator skin, and here are all the details on how to complete it.

Russell Adler has been the star of Black Ops Cold War since the game’s launch in November 2020. His scarred face, black shades, and glorious hair have made him one of the most memorable Call of Duty characters in years – he even got an exclusive skin in Season 2.

His story in Cold War has seen him come face-to-face with an evil foe called Stitch, and during Season 2 he was captured. Now, Season 3’s lore tasks players with finding him, and Black Ops Cold War and Warzone players now have to “Hunt for Adler.”

But what exactly is Call of Duty’s Season 3 special limited-time event?

When does Hunt for Adler start in Cold War & Warzone Season 3?

As of April 22, the Hunt for Adler is now live. Players have exactly one week to complete the designated challenges or risk losing out on this content forever.

It makes sense given the urgency of the season’s story. Meaning players will be on the hunt to complete the objectives to, in theory, free the tortured Adler.

How to complete Hunt for Adler challenges in Cold War & Warzone Season 3

cod hunt for adler season 3

Details on Hunt for Adler have been revealed as the Hunt for Adler event is now live in both Black Ops Cold War & Warzone with Season 3 officially live.

The description is clear in that to earn the special Adler skin, you only need to complete the full set of challenges in Black Ops Cold War or Warzone.

Here are the challenges:

  • In Cold War, kill 25 enemies who have been revealed by your Spy Plane, H.A.R.P, or Field Mic
  • In Cold War, play and complete 7 games on Yamantau
  • In Cold War, kill 25 enemies on a killstreak using the Assassin Perk
  • In Warzone, complete the Intel contract at Summit
  • In Warzone, complete the Intel contract at Factory
  • In Warzone, complete the Intel contract Farms

There are six challenges to complete in total. However, just to reiterate, you only have to do three from Black Ops Cold War or three from Warzone to finish the Hunt for Adler event.

What rewards can you earn for completing Hunt for Adler in Season 3?

cod cold war warzone tortured adler skin hunt for adler

For taking part in this limited-time event, CoD players can expect to receive a whole host of cool goodies for their efforts.

Completing challenges will earn players the following:

  • Head Comrade Sticker
  • Pager Charm
  • Vengeful Commando – Calling Card
  • Rebel Rivas Sticker
  • Close Call Charm
  • MISSING Calling Card
  • Adler Skin

The challenges will more than likely coincide with your natural gameplay, meaning that you shouldn’t have to go too far out of your way to earn the event rewards.

Hunt for Adler is one of many fun things coming to Cold War and Warzone, adding to a new battle royale mode for CoD: Cold War and the return of the PPSH-41.

Image credits: Treyarch

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