Black Ops 6 reveal event in Warzone: Rewards & everything we know

Nathan Warby
Frank Woods in Black Ops

Warzone is set to hold an in-game event as part of the long-awaited Black Ops 6 reveal, and teasers have already begun. Here’s everything we know about the BO6 reveal event in Warzone, including the rewards up for grabs.

Call of Duty 2024 has been officially revealed as Black Ops 6, the next entry in the popular sub-series to be developed by Treyarch and Raven Software. A special deep dive is planned for the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, but the devs have begun teasing a full reveal event in-game.

So, here’s everything we know about the Black Ops 6 reveal event in Warzone so far, including all the rewards up for grabs.

Is there a Warzone Black Ops 6 reveal event date?

There is currently no official date for the Black Ops 6 reveal event in Warzone. However, the rewards associated with the event can now be seen in-game, confirming its existence. So, it shouldn’t be too long before it gets underway.

Since the full gameplay reveal is scheduled for June 9, 2024, after the Xbox Showcase, we expect the event to start sometime around this date. We’ll be sure to update this section with an official release date as soon as it’s announced.

How to play Black Ops 6 reveal event in Warzone

The in-game Warzone Black Ops 6 reveal event is expected to be a standalone playlist that will be available for a limited time from the main menu.

This hasn’t been officially confirmed, but the Shadow Siege event in Warzone 2, which served as the MW3 reveal, worked in this way.

So, players will likely have the option to play through the special mission as many times as they like while it’s active, without the main Warzone modes being interrupted by it.

Black Ops 6 Warzone event leaked

Although there are no official details about the Warzone Black Ops 6 reveal event, plenty of leaks have emerged that seem to have revealed what fans can look forward to.

According to dataminer ‘SemtexLeaks’ on X, the event will revolve around a mission given to you by the returning character Frank Woods, where players need to infiltrate Bunker 7. This is backed up by the new teaser that has begun playing at the start of matches, where Woods claims to have found “key information here to finally reveal that mole we’ve been hunting.”

While inside the area, players will reportedly be tracking down a mole, before a new Black Ops 6 cutscene plays at the end of the sequence during exfil. This was shared by fellow leaker ‘HeyImAlaix,’ who claimed that 13 new lines of dialogue have also been found in the files relating to the Bunker.

Warzone Black Ops 6 event rewards

Although the Black Ops 6 reveal event in Warzone hasn’t been officially confirmed, four free rewards can already be earned. By heading to the Warzone Rewards page and scrolling to the new ‘Event’ tab, you will find the Sally Blueprint available previously, as well as two Calling Cards and an Execution.

These are tied to special in-game challenges. Here are all the challenges you’ll need to complete to unlock every BO6-themed cosmetic reward:

  • Sally (9mm Daemon Blueprint) – In Warzone, get one Operator Kill with the Sally 9mm Daemon Blueprint
  • Evidence Board (Calling Card) – Grab the Photo from the Rebirth Island submarine’s chalkboard
  • Purge Sequence (Calling Card) – Interact with the Computer located inside Urzikstan’s Bunker 7
  • The Truth Lies (Finishing Move) – Complete all the BO6 challenges

Check below how to complete the two BO6 Easter eggs available within Warzone’s Urzikstan and Rebirth Island maps.

How to complete Warzone Urzikstan Bunker 7 Easter egg

To complete the Bunker 7 Easter egg in Warzone, you’ll need to head to the center of the mountain next to the Old Town POI and enter the code ‘72559’ to open the Bunker 7. Once you open it, just reach the desk with the computer, and by interacting with it you’ll unlock the Purge Sequence Calling Card.

Warzone Bunker 7 and computer BO6 challenge
Here’s the Bunker 7 location in Warzone’s Urzikstan and the computer you’ll be looking for.

How to complete Warzone Rebirth Island submarine Easter egg

On June 6, Warzone players found a secret submarine in Rebirth Island which includes a mini Easter egg tied with Black Ops 6’s reveal, including exclusive BO6 rewards.

To complete it, players will need to grab the Photo placed on the submarine’s chalkboard, which will unlock the Evidence Board Calling Card. If you completed all the previous BO6 challenges, completing the submarine Easter egg will also grant you the The Truth Lies Finishing Move.

The submarine can be located in the dock next to the Bioweapons POI in Resurgence’s Rebirth Island.

That was everything we know about the Warzone’s Black Ops 6 reveal event so far. We’ll be sure to update this page with more details once it’s officially announced.

In the meantime, as hype for BO6 builds, make sure you’re up to speed on all the latest Zombies and Game Pass details, as well as whether the game will be available on last-gen consoles.