Treyarch respond to glitch with Black Ops Cold War matchmaking

Andrew Highton
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Black Ops Cold War has been having issues with matchmaking, causing players to remain trapped in the menus. However, Treyarch has now addressed the game-breaking matter.

Just when you think Gunfights couldn’t be any tougher, Gunfight Tournaments are now a regular happening in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Pitting teams of two in increasingly harder rounds of Gunfight to win awesome prizes.

The mode is quite popular with many players regularly entering the free, scheduled events. But it seems that regardless of the outcome, the game is sometimes trapping players in the aftermath, not allowing them to do anything again in Cold War.

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Thankfully, Community Manager Josh “FoxhoundFPS” Torres has been quick on the trigger to let players know that this shouldn’t be happening anymore.

Reddit user Revontheos posted an example of what was happening to CoD users with a post called “I quite literally cannot play the game. I’m stuck on this screen no matter what I do; from exiting the game to disconnecting offline. The game just instantly puts me back on this screen as soon as I get past the title screen. So stupid.”

The screenshot showed the game stuck on the losing screen when you’ve been eliminated from a Gunfight Tournament.

But not one to leave players stranded, Josh replied to the thread to inform players that “This should be sorted now. Looks like we identified the issue and wrapped it up within the last few hours. Let me know if you’re still getting hung up in matchmaking.”

In a perfect world, Treyarch would have the time and resources to be able to fix every single problem in Black Ops Cold War as soon as they became known. Lately, Treyarch has explained how to restore Activision accounts and addressed League Play concerns.

It should be a positive reminder that the devs have a lot on their plate to juggle and are always trying to make the game better and will continue to do so as we head towards Season 4.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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