How to escape the Holdout in Cold War’s Outbreak Zombies mode

Andrew Highton
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One of Outbreak’s toughest asks is the Holdout objective that resembles old-school CoD’s Nazi Zombies. However, there is a way to make this round in Black Ops Cold War much easier.

The inclusion of Outbreak could prove to be a huge turning point in how Zombies are implemented in the franchise going forward. Outbreak has incorporated a more open-ended nature to allow players a lot more freedom in how they tackle the undead.

It still retains many of the core mechanics that have made maps like Die Maschine and Firebase Z so successful since Black Ops Cold War’s launch. Players can still find Wonder Weapons, and there are still Easter Eggs to complete.

However, it’s the new elements that makes Outbreak so endlessly satisfying. One of which is the main objectives that are presented to you in each round. Holdout one is a key task we will be taking a closer look at today as there is a way to make it so much easier on yourself.

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Holdout Round in Outbreak Zombies

There five different variations of objective in Treyarch’s Outbreak, and arguably the most difficult of the lot is Holdout. Whereas the other four embrace the concept of a free-flowing, open-world Call of Duty Zombies mode, Holdout harks back to the older-style gameplay.

To complete Holdout, you are locked in a building and forced to defend yourself for 3 minutes and 50 seconds. It’s a classic case of defending the windows, consolidating your position, and surviving until the timer expires.

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Outbreak takes place across the game’s different Fireteam maps with one, in particular, providing an easy way to cheese the round. On the Golova map, players will find themselves locked in a medium-sized building with no second floor.

In order to escape the room, players must climb onto the machine near the building’s entrance, and then hop onto the sign above the door. You can then look upwards, jump, and your player will automatically leap out of the window to safety.

Credit to TikTok user Tremundo for finding this method.

Whether you’re on Round 1 or Round 100, if you have to hold out Golova, then it’s a no-brainer to use this method and make your life a lot easier.

You will still encounter Zombies if you choose to roam around the map as usual, but you definitely won’t be hounded by an onslaught of them in the same, claustrophobic location.

Hopefully this method helps you, and allow you to survive for a lot longer to enjoy all that Outbreak offers like its twisted, Demented Echos.

Image credits: Treyarch