How to earn more money in Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ Firebase Z

Liam Mackay
bocw zombies firebase z

Money is everything in Black Ops Cold War Zombies; you’ll need it to turn the power on, upgrade your weapons, and buy perks. Here are the best ways to make sure you’re earning lots of points in Firebase Z.

Points, or money, is the currency you’ll be using to open doors, Pack-a-Punch your weapon, and buy perks for the rounds ahead. Pack-a-Punching your weapon three times will cost 50,000 points, and you’ll need your weapon maxed out if you have any hope of surviving the later rounds.

If you’re finding yourself short on money in Firebase Z, here are the best ways to maximize your profits.

Double up on kills in Firebase Z

To maximize points in the early rounds, you should double up on Zombie kills with your squad. Taking out Zombies together will share the points, so you’ll be able to turn the power on and upgrade your weapons early.

bocw zombies gameplay

In the later rounds, you should separate from your squad and focus on killing as many zombies, Mimics, and Manglers as possible. As you take down hoard after hoard, your money will quickly rack up.

Avoid Firebase Z’s Mystery Box

The Mystery Box is a Zombies staple – gambling 950 points in the hope of getting an incredible weapon. When you get a Ray Gun or RAI K-84 out of it, you’ll be practically set for the rest of the game.

rai k-84 in bocw zombies firebase z

However, you’ll usually get something like dual pistols or a Thumper. These are next to useless, even Pack-a-Punched, and there’s nothing worse than getting caught with a rubbish gun and spending thousands trying to get something better.

If you’re trying to save up money, you’re better off building a weapon you like before starting a game, and upgrading that with Scrap you receive from killing zombies.

Once you have money to spend, or you get a Fire Sale, then try your luck with the Mystery Box.

Preserve your ammo in Firebase Z

The biggest detriment you’ll have in earning money in Firebase Z is having to purchase ammo. The Max Ammo pickup is rare, and in the later rounds you’ll be forking out an incredible amount of money to keep your supplies topped up.

fighting zombies in firebase z

Purchasing the Deadshot Daquiri from the Der Wunderfizz machine will lock your aim to enemies’ critical areas. Each shot will count for more, so you can better preserve your ammunition while taking on hundreds of zombies.

Also, when building your weapon before beginning Firebase Z, equip a magazine attachment that increases your ammo capacity – such as the 50 Rnd Fast Mag. You’ll be able to carry more ammo, meaning you’ll have to purchase less.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be able to purchase everything you need to survive hoards of the undead in Firebase Z.

Image Credit: Treyarch

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