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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Where to find all Perk Machines in Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ Firebase Z

Perks are essential for surviving the undead in Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ Firebase Z, so here’s where to find all of the Perk Machines.



perk machines bocw zombies firebase z

Perks are vital to surviving the undead in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, so here are the locations of all of the Perk Machines in Firebase Z.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 has expanded its Zombies experience by adding the new map, Firebase Z. Set in the jungles of Vietnam, you’ll have to fight off wave after wave of the undead to uncover the story behind the Dark Aether.

If you have any hope of surviving Firebase Z, you’ll need to purchase a variety of perks. You’ll get more health, be able to run faster, and revive teammates rapidly.

New to Firebase Z is the Tombstone perk which allows you to pick up your gear after you die.

Here’s the location of all of the Perk Machines in Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ new map, Firebase Z.

Quick Revive Firebase Z location

Quick Revive is found in the village where you spawn. Take a right through the archway on your way to the portal and you’ll find the Perk Machine in front of you.

quick revive bocw zombies firebase z

For 2500 points, this perk will allow you to revive your downed teammates faster and increase your healing rate.

Stamin-Up Firebase Z location

You’ll find Stamin-Up in the Mission Control Room where the leftmost Aether Reactor is located. After going through the portal to arrive in the Firebase, open the gate immediately to your left. Take a right, go up the stairs, and open the gate at the top.

stamin-up bocw zombies firebase z

Go into the building on your left and you’ll find the Stamin-Up Perk Machine. To use it, you’ll need to switch on the Aether Reactor and defend the Collection Unit from zombies. The power will be on, and you can purchase Stamin-Up for 2500 points.

This perk will allow you to run faster, making Zombies significantly easier.

Jugger-Nog Firebase Z location

Jugger-Nog can be found by the Aether Reactor on the right of the portal when you arrive in the Firebase. Go through the rightmost gate, then open the door on the right marked by the purple arrow. Head to the Aether Reactor, activate it, and defend the Collection Units from zombies.

jugger-nog bocw zombies firebase z

Once the power has come on, head through the door directly north of the Aether Reactor and you’ll find the Jugger-Nog Machine on your right.

For 2500 points, this perk will give you more health, allowing you to survive more hits from the undead.

Speed Cola Firebase Z location

The Speed Cola perk machine is on the top floor of the Data Center. From the portal, take the middle gate towards the satellite and follow the purple arrows towards the Aether Reactor. Again, activate the Reactor and defend it, thus turning on the power in that area.

speed cola bocw zombies firebase z

Once the power is on, you’ll find Speed Cola on the top floor on the left of the door you came through.

Costing 4000 points, Speed Cola will increase your reload speed, allowing you to keep continuous pressure on the Zombies.

Tombstone Soda Firebase Z location

Tombstone Soda, the newest perk in Black Ops Cold War Zombies can be found in the Firebase. After taking the portal from the village, you’ll be able to see it in front of you on the other side of the Heli Pad.

tombstone soda bocw zombies firebase z

For 2500 points, you will be able to purchase the ability to recover your weapons after being killed. While down, hold the interact button to lay down a Tombstone, then after respawning, come back and recover your weapons and perks (but not Tombstone again).

Der Wunderfizz Machine Firebase Z location

The final two perks, Elemental Pop and Deadshot Daquiri, can be purchased from the Der Wunderfizz machine.

der wunderfizz bocw zombies firebase z

You can find it in the room to the left of Ravenov’s office and the Pack-a-Punch machine. From this, you can purchase a variety of perks without having to fight through hordes of zombies to get to them.

Unlike in previous Call of Duty’s, you can carry all of the perks at once in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Rack up enough cash and buy all of the perks and you’ll become a superhuman zombie killing machine.

Image Credit: Treyarch