Game-breaking Cold War Season 2 glitch lets players hide under the map

Andrew Highton
cod cold war season 2 glitch

A potentially damaging glitch that allows players to get underneath the map has appeared in Black Ops Cold War, and the harmful implications of the glitch could spell trouble for Season 2 of CoD.

It seems that every week a new variation of glitch appears in a Call of Duty game with Warzone suffering from repeated invasions of the stim glitch, Outbreak Zombies encountering mind-boggling instances that turn the game sideways, and even Cold War experiencing weird bugs that turn it into Lord of the Rings.

That being said, the last two glitches are more aesthetic issues, whereas Cold War’s newest bug is akin to the stim glitch as it could help people cheat-to-win in Treyarch’s latest Call of Duty game.

cod cold war operator aiming

Reddit user EverythingsAVibe stormed into one of Nuketown ’84’s houses with all guns blazing, only to be killed by nothing. A quick check of the Killcam revealed the harrowing truth.

The enemy player was hiding under the map. Somehow, they’d managed to become concealed underneath the map, yet still able to get away shots at players.

One commenter said, “Wtf, never seen that before.” Whereas another user simply said, “Oh hell no.” There’s clearly a feeling of worry that if this becomes a permanent addition to Black Ops Cold War, then it could tarnish the gameplay in the way that Warzone has become plagued by hackers.

Cheating and hacking aren’t uncommon in online games as people seem to enjoy exploiting the system for easy dubs. Despite Season 2 of Warzone launching with tons of new content, it also came paired with an unfortunate wall glitch that affected many games before being patched.

Now also into its second season, Black Ops Cold War has only been slightly hampered by the odd hiccup, but this new glitch could become a big problem if it becomes widespread.

Given the severity of this clip, it would be surprising if Treyarch didn’t act quickly.

Image credits: Treyarch