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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War dev responds to players furious over broken XP tokens

Treyarch, developers of Black Ops Cold War, has responded to players angry about the state of XP Tokens in the game.



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XP Tokens are a big part of speeding up player, and weapon, progression in CoD. One of Black Ops Cold War’s devs has responded to player complaints that they are broken.

Players, in particular Battle Pass owners, will accumulate a healthy amount of Double XP tokens as they embark on their newest Season quest. These come in the form of different boosts that can contribute towards your overall level, and also your weapon levels too.

It seems like many CoD gamers have been having trouble with them as they are being activated, but not working properly. A Reddit thread has been created to discuss this issue and it’s warranted a large number of comments and complaints from similarly aggrieved gamers.

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The post largely contains criticism of Treyarch for failing to address the problem and instead shift their attention towards other aspects of the game.

However, the post has been seen by Treyarch eyes as renowned Treyarch Community Manager Josh “FoxhoundFPS” Torres has chimed in on the common complaint.

The original poster SorraDude said, “XP tokens straight up don’t work right now. You get 0, zilch, absolutely no more XP from using them. Not in Zombies, not in multiplayer, not in Warzone. They don’t work on Cold War or Modern Warfare multiplayer.”

They carried on further saying, “This is a huge issue that hasn’t been fixed in weeks. What are you waiting for devs?? You sell us these tokens, break their usage, and just ignore it for weeks. Double XP Tokens have been completely bugged since Cold War launched.”

Not long after this post, the thread starting gaining traction and attracting almost copy and paste sentiments. Josh then stepped in to try and clarify the situation.

He said, “I’m unsure of the OP’s claims that these have been “broken since launch” as some of your peers are, but I have spoke to the recent Double Weapon XP token issues on Twitter and Reddit. The issue has effectively been passed onto my team.”

To try and reassure players, our Treyarch dev also shared his experience with Call of Duty XP Tokens signifying that he hadn’t shared the same problems: “I used a token a few days ago in Warzone and leveled up the LC10 to level 41 in like 2 hours. It was working.”

Evidence suggests that XP Tokens are an ongoing issue plaguing progression in Black Ops Cold War, and it seems likely that Treyarch will now step up its efforts to amend this issue.

Image credits: Treyarch