Frustrated players demand one big change to Black Ops Cold War matchmaking

Hamza Khalid
Combat in Black Ops Cold War

Various Black Ops Cold players are frustrated with the current state of in-game matchmaking as they find it extremely unbalanced, and they’re asking the developers to fix these problems.

Black Ops Cold War fans have a ton of new content to enjoy in Season 4, including new weapons like MG 82 LMG, C58 Assault Rifle and the Nail Gun. There’s even more content on its way as part of the Season 4 Reloaded update.

However, players are still dealing with some in-game issues that ruining their experience. Members of the Black Ops Cold War community are asking the developers to make changes to the unbalanced matchmaking.

Battle in Black Ops Cold War

Reddit user ThechroniclesofMEEP highlighted the biggest problems with the matchmaking in the Black Ops Cold War subreddit. The main issue is that players are thrown into matches that are already more than halfway over.

It’s not fun to hop into a match only for it to end in about 45 seconds. It also ends up making things unbalanced as one team will be in the lead by then, so players in the opposing squad will be at an unfair disadvantage.

The Redditor suggested that the developers change the matchmaking so that players aren’t thrown into games that are about to end.

If the matchmaking is fixed, then players will no longer be thrown into games that are well underway, keeping one team from having an unfair advantage over the other. Many other users shared their own experiences in the comments.

“Anytime it joins a game right after I start queuing, I know I’m in for a beating,” wrote one user. “Will join and the game will be over in 45 seconds to a minute maybe. Pointless. I’m waiting to join longer than I’m in the damn game even.”

Hopefully, the developers will implement changes to fix the matchmaking in a future update. Also, check out when the next Double XP Event is.

Image Credit: Activision