Frustrated Cold War players criticize broken Scorestreaks

Hamza Khalid
Cold War players are complaining about Scorestreaks

While having the ability to reign down explosions upon your Call of Duty opponents sounds fun, various Black Ops Cold War players feel that the game’s Scorestreaks don’t work properly and could use some major fixes.

Scorestreaks are extremely effective in turning tide during a match of Call of Duty. If your team faces overwhelming opposition in Team Deathmatch, you can step up with a well-coordinated attack to change the game.

You’ll soon find yourself in control of a Gunship that can absolutely annihilate the other team. While this sounds fun, some Black Ops Cold War players are frustrated that Scorestreaks aren’t working properly.

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attack helicopter scorestreak in Black Ops Cold War

Reddit user SenmiMsS shared a clip of their gameplay in the Black Ops Cold War subreddit. This showcased them using the Scorestreak to bring down a barrage of missiles on a single opponent.

Unfortunately, this didn’t prove to be particularly effective. Despite the precision of the missiles, the enemy seemingly took no damage and then ended up killing the player as soon as the smoke cleared.

While this was confusing, various players in the comments chalked this up to spawn protection. Meaning that the enemy was protected against Scorestreaks due to them being a recent spawn.

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While spawn protection doesn’t apply to guns and bullets, it’s extremely effective at protecting the target from explosives and killstreaks. Some players found it absurd that this meant the enemy would take zero damage.

This issue mainly persists in Nuketown. Strangely enough, while spawn protection saves you from explosive damage, you will still take fire damage. “That’s the dumbest spawn logic ever,” replied one user.

Treyarch has made some big changes to the Black Ops Cold War Scorestreaks in the past, but problems persist. We’ve also seen issues with the Air Patrol Scorestreak in Season 3. Hopefully, we’ll see these issues fixed in Season 4.

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Image credits: Activision

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