Controversial Camo challenge infuriates Black Ops Cold War players

Nicholas Sakadelis

Black Ops Cold War players are voicing their gripes with a certain camo challenge.

All Call of Duty games for the past few years have all had mastery camos available in game, and each game has its share of difficult challenges.

In Modern Warfare, the launcher challenges were long and dragged out, and players had to kill 3 players without dying 25 times with the knife and Riot Shield. In Black Ops Cold War, there’s one camo that’s for almost every weapon in the game, and it’s called Policia.

The Policia Camo

For submachine guns, the camo challenge requires close range kills (and by that we mean very close range kills), but for Assault Rifles, it requires you to take down 50 enemies taking cover from you, which makes it the most situational camo challenge in the game.

Not only do you need to kill an enemy taking cover who is looking at you, but you also need to hope the game registers the kill to the challenge, and the game can be very picky with what is registered.

In response, Reddit user “Dementor8919” took to the Black Ops Cold War subreddit to voice his frustrations.

The post amassed over 5,000 upvotes over the course of a day and resulted in a wide amount of fellow reddit users to come to the post and voice their frustrations as well.

The highest comment by user “BathroomZoom” stated that Black Ops 2 did the camos best, due to the fact that you could progress your challenges during natural gameplay, vs the new challenge system where you may have to play differently or hop in a specific game mode for progress.

Many commenters also agreed with Zoom’s comment, but other comments stated that Black Ops 2’s camo grind was too easy.

Overall, it’s safe to say players aren’t very happy with this situational camo challenge in Black Ops Cold War. Perhaps Treyarch will reduce the amount of kills required to get the camo, or make the challenge more forgiving for when it registers the kills.

If you’re grinding for this camo, the best advice we have comes from Reddit user “ThyOnlySandMan” who recommends playing on Armada, where other players are often taking cover.