MW3 players share tips for completing “annoying” Mastery Camo challenges

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Mastery Camos

While some MW3 players rushed to get the Mastery Camos in anticipation of the Warzone integration, others patiently tackled the “annoying” challenges. For those still in pursuit of these camos, several players have shared tips to make the grinding process easier.

MW3 is well underway with its first major update bringing a ton of content to the multiplayer. This includes brand-new maps, fresh additions to the weapon roster, several buffs and nerfs, and free events boasting rewards players can get by playing.

However, some players are still grinding the Mastery Camo challenges to be able to show off exclusive camo designs within each multiplayer match. Despite most players rushing the camo grind to have them ready for Warzone and MW3’s integration, others decide to do it patiently.

In a Reddit post, user ‘Gullible_Response_92’ asked MW3 experienced players about their experience when unlocking Mastery Camo challenges: “Those who have Interstellar, What (if any) challenge was the hardest/took you the longest time to complete.”

Other Reddit users promptly engaged with the OP’s question, offering not just responses but also a ton of tips aimed at improving efficiency and speed in completing the Mastery Camo challenges.

“The kills in the same mag… Took me way too long to realize that the counting is bugged and you just need to force reload after getting x kills regardless of how many times you die,” one user shared in the comments.

Despite some challenges being bugged when players tried to unlock them, most players pointed out that the most “annoying” Mastery Camo challenges can be easily done in Rust and Shipment, as they “seem to be the best for most camo challenges.”

One user mentioned, “The sniper that requires wall bangs for sure. But shipmas made them all super easy.” Another user chimed in, saying, “Wall bangs with the lmgs and long shots with sidewinder, swarm kills w tactical I did on shipment so wasn’t too bad.”

In general, the majority of players feel that accomplishing challenges in the game, now that the game is well underway and a ton of tips have been shared, should be easier compared to its initial launch.

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