Cold War & Warzone players call for one major change to Nail Gun

Andrew Highton
cod cold war nail gun hanging on wall

Call of Duty players think that they should be able to add attachments to the new Nail Gun SMG in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 4.

It’s been some time since a weapon has been thrown into Call of Duty and been the talk of the town, for better and for worse. But the Nail Gun’s limited clip, unbelievable power, and general unorthodox nature have made it a must-use weapon across both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

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Much of the Warzone Season 4 talk has been about players wanting it to be nerfed, and the devs following through with said nerf, yet players have now realized that the lack of customization options hurt the Nail Gun’s promise in both Cold War and Warzone.

Operator using nail gun in black ops cold war

Weapons that deviate from conventional Assault Rifles and SMGs like the Nail Gun and Shadowhunter Crossbow cannot be modified in Black Ops Cold War.

In reference to Cold War’s Nail Gun, liyanksz said, “Nail gun is fun but I feel like there was a missed opportunity to make it have attachments. The weapon is far from OP, and it’s limited to only a 15 round mag. Because of its low mag size, it’s difficult to run as your main weapon as you can with the Ballistic Knife / Crossbow.

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“I really think they should have treated it more like an SMG or a Pistol with a few different attachment slots. You should be able to put sights on it, increase the mag size and maybe even add a barrel that adds range or velocity with ADS or recoil as a con, for example.”

It is quite counter-intuitive to Call of Duty’s normally mega-customizable approach to loadouts to have weapons that can’t be altered to suit the user.

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One user argued, “They treat special weapons as ‘cannot be improved upon’. Sucks because they could do very similar things to the crossbow to make it more fun/viable against other weapons.”

The general consensus is that the Nail Gun’s limited ammo really hurts the weapon, and attachments could help that issue.

Given that all special weapons have been made not customizable since Cold War launched, it seems unlikely that Treyarch would implement such a drastic change so late into the game.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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