Cold War players call for major changes to “unbearable” Gun Game mode

Liam Mackay
Crossbow gameplay black ops cold war

Black Ops Cold War players are disappointed with the Gun Game mode’s weapon line-up, calling it “unbearable” to play and want changes.

Gun Game has long been a fan-favorite mode in Call of Duty. Usually played as Free-for-All, players progress onto a new weapon with each kill, with getting melee’d moving you back a weapon, and the first player to cycle through every weapon winning.

However, Black Ops Cold War players have been disappointed with the weapon line-up in Gun Game, which arrived with Season 2. A post by Reddit user ‘TulkSmash‘ explained the problems with Black Ops Cold War’s version of the mode, and gave some suggestions on how it can be improved.

Wakizashi sword black ops cold war

The last few weapons are meant to be flashy for a great game-winning killcam. The original Black Ops had the Ballistic Knife as the final weapon, and Modern Warfare required you to use the Throwing Knife.

Black Ops Cold War has the knife as the last weapon, but even more frustrating, fists are the second last. As TulkSmash explains, trying to get a kill with your fists is “unbearable.” It takes two punches to kill a player at full health, and even worse, enemies with a weapon in their hand can more effectively melee you back.

“Having to punch someone and then stab someone at the end of the game is a massive flaw in the flow of Gun Game,” reasoned TulkSmash.

Gun Game has the radar always on to increase the pace of the game, but this makes it all the more frustrating when trying to get a melee kill, as the element of surprise is non-existent.

What TulkSmash suggests, that the Reddit community has got behind, is to “take out the punch completely,” put the upcoming Crossbow in second place once, and “make the last kill a tomahawk.” For extra style points, the final killcam should focus on this last kill rather than a ‘play of the game.’

Modern Warfare had a random assortment of weapons to cycle through, but at the time of writing, Black Ops Cold War only has one set. For the longevity of this classic mode, players feel that Gun Game needs these changes.

Image Credit: Treyarch