Cold War dev responds to game-breaking glitch making Zombies freeze after every kill

Liam Mackay
Operators escaping from Zombies in Black Ops Cold War Outbreak

A new Black Ops Cold War glitch is causing the game to freeze and a ‘UI Error’ to pop up after every kill, and a Treyarch dev has responded to the issue.

Black Ops Cold War Season 4 has given Zombies fans even more content to sink their teeth into, with the new Outbreak Easter Egg and the highly anticipated Mauer Der Toten map coming with the mid-season update.

Cold War, and Zombies especially, has seen its fair share of glitches such as Custom Mods not working and the AMP63 having no aim assist. Now, however, a new bug is making the game almost unplayable, with the Zombies mode appearing to freeze up every time you slay an enemy. Fortunately, a Treyarch dev has responded to the issue.

Reddit user JRUSZEL uploaded footage of Outbreak freezing up every time they kill a Zombie. Also, a ‘UI Error 14407’ flashes on screen every few kills, which must be dismissed before the game begins freezing again.

It appears that the OP wasn’t alone in experiencing this bug, with many other players reporting the same issue on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Luckily, Treyarch are aware of this frustrating glitch.

The OP tagged Treyarch Community Manager Josh ‘FoxhoundFPS’ Torres for assistance, and he replied on the new ‘TreyarchCM’ account. Torres said that he’s “Looking at some of the details [JRUSZEL] shared in other comments and will pass them along.”

Naga Operator fighting in Cold War Zombies Outbreak

With Easter Eggs to complete and personal records to beat, the game lagging out could quickly mark the end of your run. Some players have discovered some potential short-term fixes for the problem, though.

Some said that the glitch only applies to certain weapons, so you should try to swap out the weapon that’s freezing up the game. Others said that the Deadshot perk causes the issue, so it may be worth avoiding it if you’re concerned about receiving the error.

If you’re looking to tag FoxhoundFPS to report a new bug, you should now tag /u/TreyarchCM for all Cold War issues.

Image Credit: Treyarch

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