Black Ops Cold War Split-Screen is very broken on PS4

Andrew Highton

Although local co-op is still very much a feature neglected by game developers, BOCW does indeed offer split-screen. But its implementation is extremely poor, to the point of it being broken.

When people think of the golden age of local co-op, they hark on about the N64 days and basking in the glory of GoldenEye, Mario Kart, and other popular multiplayer games. But online gaming has pretty much taken over the landscape in the last 15 years and put a stop to a lot of this.

But local multiplayer is still very much a thing, and people still enjoy gaming with their friends on the same TV screen. So it’s terrific that Call of Duty still maintains this local accessibility, but Treyarch does need to address the way in which its split-screen works in its latest effort, or doesn’t work in this case.

goldeneye split-screen multiplayer on the n64

BOCW’s split-screen is broken

Nothing beats having your friends around and having a few tasty beverages of your choice, all whilst indulging in an entertaining game you can play together. Call of Duty does have modes and Private Lobbies in which you can create your own fun mayhem together, and even Zombies too.

However, there’s no harm in tackling the big dog itself and venturing into the game’s online multiplayer as a pairing. One person takes the top half of the screen, and the other controls the bottom-half.

You absolutely can do this in Black Ops Cold War, but a video has shown that it may not be the most advisable option. One Reddit user tried playing a split-screen game with a friend and the game did not respond kindly.

The 53-second clip features horrendous blurring when aiming down sights, parts of the environment are missing, and most noticeably it incorporates the bizarre new glitch that makes players invisible that we covered recently.

This definitely happens to gamers trying to enjoy Black Ops Cold War on the PS4 and there are reports of it happening on the Xbox One too.

Unless Treyarch provides a fix for this soon, then Split-Screen might have to be something you save for other games.

Image credits: Treyarch