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Best civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms

If you’re looking for a civilization to adopt in Rise of Kingdoms, here’s a list of the best civilizations for every stage of the game



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Rise of Kingdoms lets you choose from several civilizations and this is one of the most important decisions you make in the game. In this Rise of Kingdoms tier list, we’ll talk about the best civilizations for early-game, mid-game, and end-game players.

To progress efficiently in Rise of Kingdoms, you must pick a civilization that best suits your playstyle. Every civilization provides unique Starting Commanders and attack buffs and because of this, picking a civilization can be a confusing task.

Rise of Kingdoms is not a game in which you must follow the ongoing meta to enjoy. However, over the years, certain civilizations have proved to be more successful than others. To make the in-game grind easier, you can simply switch your civilization and observe the benefits.

In this Rise of Kingdom tier list, we’ll reveal the best civilizations for every in-game stage and the reason for their inclusion.

Egypt kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms

Best civilizations for the early game in Rise of Kingdoms


Thanks to Sun Tzu, China is arguably the best civilization for early game players in Rise of Kingdoms. The Starting Commander has a playstyle based on Rage and he can hit five targets at the same time. From high damage to versatility, the advantages Sun Tzu provides in battle are irreplaceable.

The building bonus you get after selecting China is desirable as well because, at the outset of your journey, you’ll be expected to focus a lot on buildings. Overall, this civilization makes clearing early game content a walk in the park.

China kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms


Britain is another Rise of Kingdoms civilization that you can choose in the early game for its Starting Commander. You’ll get increased Archer Attack, troop training speed, and Ally Garrison capacity. This means that you’ll be able to city-bomb efficiently, deal more Archer damage, and defend more conveniently.

Although China is often called a better starter civilization than Britain, you can choose the latter for its buffs and still get brilliant results.

Britain kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms

Best civilizations for the mid-game in Rise of Kingdoms

At level 10, you get a Civilization Change item in Rise of Kingdoms, and if you’ve selected Britain and China initially, these are the best civilizations to switch to for mid-game.


Rise of Kingdom players who run infantry units must try out Vikings. It increases infantry attack by 5%, counterattack damage by 3%, and troop load by 10%.

To make the most of Vikings, you can pair it with Starting Commanders like Harold that have high counterattack damage. Moreover, the benefits provided are ideal for fighting civilizations and PvP challenges.

Vikings kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms


The newest civilization in Rise of Kingdoms, Egypt, has quickly become a fan-favorite for mid-game. Its buffs are similar to Arabia but they work best in an Archers’ setup. You’ll get increased Archers attack (5%), rallied armies’ damage (5%), and Building and Research speed (1.5%).

Even if you’re not playing Archers, Egypt will be a useful civilization due to the increased Building and Research speed. Cleopatra VII isn’t best suited for combat but you won’t have complaints during resource collection. Overall, it lets you witness the full potential of Archers and encourages you to try different playstyles.

Best civilizations for the end game in Rise of Kingdoms

Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire is a must-try for everyone in the Rise of Kingdoms community. It equally benefits free-to-play players, whales, and medium spenders.

With the Ottoman Empire, you get a boost in archer health, troop march speed, and active skill damage. If you’re running archer rallies, choosing Ottman Empire is a no-brainer. Considering that Archers aren’t the quickest troops in the game, the march speed buff is advantageous as well.

Ottoman kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms


Whales (players who spend real money in gacha games) in the Rise of Kingdoms community won’t regret investing their resources in Arabia. This civilization grants increased cavalry attack (5%), increased damage against barbarians and other neutral units (10%), and increased damage dealt by rallied armies (5%).

If you rely heavily on cavalry, Arabia will give you the best buffs possible. Moreover, this civilization boosts rallied attacks implying that you can try out multiple attack strategies with Arabia.

Arabia kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms


Germany in Rise of Kingdoms provides you with higher cavalry attack (5%), troop training speed (5%), and action point recovery (10%). Unlike many other civilizations, Germany’s buffs are inter-connected and you can expect amazing results regardless of your free-to-play or Whale status.

Germany lets you unlock Hermann who is one of the best Archer commanders in the game. Players who want to perform tanky and rage-based attacks in Rise of Kingdoms must try Germany as it will complement their playstyle the most.

Germany kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms

Germany is also one of the most flexible civilizations in Rise of Kingdom. As a result, you can choose it in the early as well as late game.

Well, this was everything to know about the best civilizations in Rise of Kingdom. For similar content, you can check out our tier lists of the best characters in Genshin Impact, the best Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, and the best Artifacts in Genshin Impact.

Image Credits: Lillith Games