Not exploring in Baldur’s Gate 3 has devastating consequences for innocent Tiefling 

Emily Stander
Mirkon in Baldur's Gate 3

Exploration in Baldur’s Gate 3 is just as important as combat, especially when you consider the consequences you could face if you don’t find the people in Faerun who need your help in time.

Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3 is fairly breezy compared to the other two Acts, but that doesn’t mean it lacks secrets to find. One such secret, which can be easily missed, is saving Mirkon from the Harpies in Emerald Grove. 

While this is not strictly something you have to do for the main storyline, it certainly has a devastating consequence if you don’t manage to find him in time. 

Players have said that they tend to miss this quest in their first playthrough. “[In my] first run I didn’t even know he was a thing,” ‘The_8th_Degree’ commented on a Reddit post

In fact, a lot of the players who chatted about the Mirkon quest in that thread said how easy it was to miss the quest or just completely forget about it. And, if you don’t manage to, you will find his dead body lying on the beach later. 

While this is obviously not a good outcome, there are some more problems that come with not saving Mirkon. He’s one of the Tieflings that need saving for the ‘Leave No One Behind’ achievement, and he’s your ticket to an exclusive new area where you find Mol – and she’s a pretty big staple throughout the rest of the game.  

Overall, making sure you find Mirkon and help him get away from the Harpies is important to get access to all the great things you can find in Emerald Grove. Plus, if you save him, he’ll write a unique letter about you which you can get from him in the Dragon’s Lair. 

If you want to save Mirkon, it’s important that you get to him before you go to the Goblin Camp. If you try and go back after this part of the main quest is done, he will have died anyway. 

Emerald Grove is also the site where you can find out more about the Shadow Druids, which again, is very easy to miss if you don’t search the area properly. Also, if you don’t find out about the Shadow Druids and Kagha’s suspicious activity, she completely gets away with it. 

Overall, the lesson is that you need to make sure you’re looking in every nook and cranny you can possibly find in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you don’t, people can literally die, and you could miss out on important story context and characters that last until the end of your playthrough.

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