Battlefield 2042 players call for Portal XP to be brought back

Liam Mackay
Helicopter in Battlefield 2042

DICE almost entirely disabled progression in Battlefield 2042 Portal after it was used to farm XP, but players are calling for it to return after the change turned players away from the mode.

Battlefield 2042 Portal brings content from previous Battlefield games together, where players can create their own unique modes for the community to play. Many regard it as one of 2042’s best modes, but players were quick to use it to farm XP.

DICE were even quicker to limit Portal progression, where you now hardly earn any points when playing in custom matches. However, players are now fed up with not earning any XP and believe it’s hurting the mode’s player count.

Truck driving in Battlefield 2042

When Battlefield 2042 first launched in Early Access, the Portal server browser was full of XP farm modes. These had loads of bots on minimal health, so players could rack up an incredible amount of kills and points.

DICE and Ripple Effect quickly countered the XP farms, drastically limiting the amount of XP you can earn in Portal. However, Battlefield 2042 players are desperate for DICE to re-enable full progression in Portal modes.

Reddit user Chief81 began the call, posting to the Battlefield 2042 subreddit: “Please enable XP back to Portal.”

They explained that they don’t care if some players are using the mode to boost as if someone is max level and has everything unlocked, “it does not hurt every other player.” However, they argue that limiting Portal XP negatively affects everyone.

Many others in the comments agreed, saying that even though Portal is their favorite part of Battlefield 2042, they’ve given up on it. They said that getting low XP and no attachment progress removes all incentives to play.

As for Portal’s XP being re-enabled, a Ripple Effect dev has said that they’re “working on it,” but didn’t provide any timeframe.

Be sure to stay tuned to Charlie INTEL, as we’ll let you know if the developers provide any more updates to Portal’s XP.

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Image Credits: DICE / EA