Baldur’s Gate 3 players reveal best options for tricky Level 6 spell slot

Emily Stander
Elminster in Baldur's Gate 3

Level 6 spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 are immensely powerful, and can genuinely mean the difference between death and success in any given fight. However, most of the time, you only get to use it once per long rest. There are some that are best over others, though.

Spell slots in Baldur’s Gate 3 are very similar to the way spell slots work in Dungeons and Dragons, where you can learn quite a lot of spells, but you can’t use them as often as you’d want. 

Well, technically you can use more spells with scrolls, but those are more difficult to come by for spells you really would want in a difficult fight. As a result, some players have come together to share the best Level 6 spells to use that one slot on. 

“Globe of Invulnerability is INSANE. Arguably the best Level 6 spell. I remember using it on the Ansur fight,” ‘polspanakithrowaway’ shared on Reddit

Globe of Invulnerability is a great option, specifically because it can shield your entire party from any damage and effects coming your way. It’s active for three turns, and if the person who cast it is inside, it’s very unlikely that you’ll lose the concentration to keep it going.

Fire Myrmidon in Baldur's Gate 3
Myrmidons can be powerful Level 6 summons.

Some other options players shared included Chain Lightning, Disintegrate, and Heroes’ Feast. All of them can help with damage and healing, but in a much more meaningful way than most other spells in your arsenal. 

Other players made the argument that a summon spell like Summon Elemental or Planar Ally are the best, and I’m inclined to agree with this idea. 

Summoning a Myrmidon, Deva, or Genie basically gives you another party member for free that has their own sets of really powerful spells and actions. These range from healing to damage, and some even just help with controlling enemies.

They also stick around until you take another long rest, which means you can summon them before any fights and have them by your side at all times.

Whatever Level 6 spell you find is the best, it’s important to make sure you loot the Spellcrux Amulet from the Warden’s room in Moonrise Towers. This Amulet lets you restore any one spell slot, letting you use Level 6 spells twice, so you can summon, fight, and heal for double the damage.