BG3’s Disable the Steel Watch quest offers more rewards if you don’t use shortcuts

Stephanie Zucarelli
Baldur's Gate 3 Steel Watcher

Finishing quests as quickly as you can in Baldur’s Gate 3 might seem great for an Honour run, but it’s the perfect method to miss entire portions of the story that even include Legendary weapons as rewards.

After getting to Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 3, players already have a strategy built around their favorite companions and skills. But the last part of Larian Studios’ RPG is filled with plot twists, and even if you think you have a fool-proof method of facing quests, you’ll probably miss some details hidden in long missions like the “Disable The Steel Watch” quest.

This quest is crucial when you’re trying to take the Netherstone from Gortash, who’ll have his giant metal soldiers scattered around Baldur’s Gate. If players focus on only destroying the Steel Watch Foundry, they’ll miss four quests: “Avenge The Drowned”, “Avenge The Ironhands”, and of course, “Attend Gortash’s Ordination” and “Consider Gortash’s Bargain.”

But that’s not only what players can miss, as completing the Steel Watch quest swiftly will also stop you from exploring everything hidden inside the foundry. A Redditor described that after getting the quest, they found a way to sneak to the Foundry and planted a bomb to end it all. While they got to finish off the steel soldiers, they also realized that there were some “bits” they never got around to exploring.

“Apparently, there was a whole other part of this quest with an underwater prison and a submarine, or something, but, uhh, whoops,” they said. Not only that, they’ve also missed the Steel Watch Titan Boss, a difficult fight that will grant players the Legendary Longbow that’s ranked as one of the best for any Radiant build.

Sadly, destroying the Steel Watch foundry right away blocks any possibility of saving Duke Ravengard, getting the Ironhands as allies for the final battle, and even canceling any possibility of making an alliance with Gortash.