Baldur’s Gate 3 players find out grim reason they shouldn’t kill Mizora

Stephanie Zucarelli
Mizora, showing player's Wyll's contract

The pact between Mizora and Wyll can be difficult to understand, especially since the terms are always being manipulated by the devil. Here’s the grim reason Baldur’s Gate 3 fans discovered after ignoring their contract.

Baldur’s Gate 3 players are aware that every single choice has strong consequences in their adventure. This is especially true when dealing with devils and demons, something that fans find out quickly after meeting Wyll, a warlock that signed a contract with the devil Mizora to gain his powers.

If players have decided not to kill Karlach after recruiting Wyll in Act 1, Mizora will consider this a breach of their contract and turn him into a horned creature. But there’s more to this pact than meets the eye, and most users have realized this in the worst way.

A fan took it to Reddit to share the moment they found a pile of ashes named “Wyll” inside Moonrise Towers, and couldn’t figure out why he was missing him as a companion. Sadly, players informed them that this is what happens after refusing to save Mizora from the Mind Flayers during Zariel’s Asset quest.

“If you actually talked to the man he says he can’t harm her, as doing that automatically sends him to Avernus and turns him into a Lemure. And as this is the Material Plane, Mizora will just reform in the Hells. congratulations, you’ve unlocked Wyll’s worst ending,” explained user ‘Woutrou.’

Other Baldur’s Gate 3 players said that Wyll also turns into ash if players try to attack the devil while meeting her in the camp. They’ve also pointed out that not only do both Wyll and Mizora warn them against killing her, but an Arcana Check in Zariel’s Asset quest dialogue would also try to persuade players from doing so.

However, the OP wasn’t the only player who ignored all these tips, and many confessed to accidentally killing Wyll as well: “I did that in Honour mode, but I didn’t realize that you could find his body. I could have got all my gear back (I assume gears is in ashes). I just thought I lost it all, and he was dragged into Avernus,” said user ‘AshtinPeaks.’

And that is how Baldur’s Gate 3 players learned they should always save Mizora while traveling through Faerun. For more on Larian Studios’ RPG, you can check how players are missing romance options, or which dialogue could instantly end an Honour run.

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