Baldur’s Gate 3 player shows simple trick to decimate undead army

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Undead Mage BG3

Many Baldur’s Gate 3 players have recounted a myriad of battle strategies in this incredible TTRPG, and often, they decide to share their smoothest moves with the community. This time, a BG3 player has showcased the best way to deal with a pesky undead swarm.

Most RPG players know that the undead are the most annoying (if not the worst) enemies you can face in a game, and in Baldur’s Gate 3, there’s no exception to the rule. Though brittle in comparison with other types of enemies, undead monsters have certain qualities that make them hard to deal with.

When facing the undead enemies in Baldur’s Gate 3, you need to be conscious of your surroundings and avoid getting swarmed. In small numbers, they represent a mild threat since they are pretty squishy. But the problem resides when their number multiplies significantly. More so if they are accompanied by Aberrations, Skeleton Champions, and Lesser Demons.

But a BG3 player found a smart way to deal with these pest-like enemies with ease, and they shared it on Reddit. Be advised though, that the following part contains spoilers for Acts 2 and 3.

Reddit user ‘Rain_BMW_46’ posted this on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit: “Easy way to deal with Balthazar’s minions.” The OP then explained: “I had a lot of trouble with him, then I figured you can move the skeletons around before the fight. I clumped them all together with mage hand and used Ice Storm + Fireball to instantly wipe them out as soon as the fight begins.”

Many players hurried to recognize the OP’s ingenuity, one of them, found this easy trick incredibly useful and said: “This is awesome. Thanks OP.” And another one wrote: “This is Genius. Never thought about that move!”

Meanwhile, another BG3 enthusiast suggested: “Wait couldn’t you also push them off the edge with Thunderwave or whatever it’s called?” However, many players explained that the spell Thunderwave can be resisted by some of the undead enemies, thus making it ineffective in dealing with Balthazar’s army of the dead.

If you are considering yourself an undead army, this Necromancer build is for you. But if you want to look for the quickest way to purge unholy creatures from existence, then we suggest the strongest Cleric Build.

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