Baldur’s Gate 3 players reveal how to stop “worst” spell from killing your companions

Emily Stander
Shadowheart in Baldur's Gate 3

Some spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 can make your playthrough more difficult through no fault of your own. Among NPCs walking into Moonbeams and random fights starting with people you have no beef with, players have come up with solutions around the worst spell mechanic.

AoE spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be incredibly powerful, but they can also make the roleplaying aspects of the game more difficult than necessary. The issue players have found with a lot of them is that they last longer than the fight does. 

As a result, you get some of your low-health party members dying, as they walk through a stray Moonbeam or NPCs you need to talk to aggroing toward you because they decided to slip on some ice. 

Moonbeam, for example, is a Level 2 Evocation that lets the spellcaster call down a beam of moonlight that deals damage to anyone who walks through it. And it was a pivotal point of one player’s experience with the woes of AoE spells.

While in Figaro’s shop, they had cast Moonbeam. When the fight was over, they had to resurrect Gale – who had walked through the Moonbeam – and found that Figaro himself also decided to run through the spell. 

When they were done, they tried to continue their conversation with Devella. This is important during the quest she is involved in, as helping her investigate the murders leads you to a pinnacle plot point of Act 3. 

“I [tried] to resume convo with the investigator, she is unresponsive. Weird, I think to myself, not understanding why. Well dear readers, it’s because she was already in conversation. With Shadowheart. Accusing her of murder,” they shared in a post on Reddit. 

After this incident, a bunch of Flaming Fists reigned down on their party and they had to kill them all, unable to continue helping Devella with the murder investigations. 

Players in the comments were very familiar with this kind of issue when it came to AoE spells in Baldur’s Gate 3. So, some of them gave some advice on how to handle it a little better to stop this kind of issue from happening. 

“I’ve gotten into the habit of ungrouping the party while in combat, so they just stay put after everything is done,” one player explained. Essentially, this means that you can individually control each character afterward instead of them all congregating on your main character. This should help with party members walking through leftover AoE spells. 

Another player also shared a solution, “I always cancel it before combat ends. Friendly NPCs have run into it and become not so friendly,” they explained. 

So, while it may be an annoying mechanic, there are ways to work around the issue without your party members dying unnecessarily or failing your quests. 

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