Baldur’s Gate 3 player discovers secret new area after 1000 hours

Emily Stander
Cursed Kuo Toa in Baldur's Gate 3

Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3 can be a daunting experience for any player who encounters it. As one who has over 1,000 hours logged in the game has proven, it also has many hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. 

The House of Healing is a massive area in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3 that has important quests tied to it. More than that, though, it is the site of many hidden secrets you can discover in the Shadow-Cursed Lands. 

In a Reddit post, ‘Nero_Angelo_Sparda’ shared their findings. “I have just found the Morgue and the Cursed Kuo-Toa part of the map. Holy s**t, I really did not expect to find new stuff at this point.” 

The House of Healing Morgue can be found just North of the building, and the Cursed Kuo-Toa is in an abandoned fishing shack just North of the Morgue. 

However, a new boss and area wasn’t the only thing the OP was able to discover. As another Baldur’s Gate 3 player pointed out, too, you can find some information about the Strange Ox in this area. 

“That contains the spot where the Strange Ox comes from,” they said. “You can see its thoughts when it shares them with you in Act 2. The scene it shows you is the exact scene of the corpse pit behind the Morgue lab where Malus had been dumping bodies for centuries. Going down into the pit itself results in a fight with identical oozes to the Strange Ox’s true form.” 

You can also find some great loot in the Morgue, including the Eversight Ring. “The morgue has one of my favorite items in the game. The Eversight Ring gives immunity to blindness, which comes in very handy for an Act 3 boss fight,” a player explained. 

The boss fight they are referring to is likely the fight against Shar’s followers in the House of Grief in Baldur’s Gate, who use the Darkness spell quite a lot against you in your fight. 

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