Baldur’s Gate 3 player mindblown by new Kagha storyline found after 400 hours

Emily Stander
Kagha with sword in Baldur's Gate 3

After playing Baldur’s Gate 3 for 400 hours, a player discovered a new detail about Kagha while traversing Emerald Grove.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a mammoth of an RPG with tons of content. Players have been clocking hundreds of hours in their playthroughs, with some on their fourth and fifth already. One player, who had given 400 hours to the game, found new content they had not seen before concerning Kagha in Emerald Grove. 

When you first enter the Grove, you are greeted by Tieflings and Druids who are struggling with each other. The Tieflings have no other place to go at this point, and the druids have offered the Grove up to them as a haven. 

However, since the disappearance of Archdruid Halsin, Kagha has taken over. She stepped up when Halsin failed to return from his journey. As you speak to people in the Grove, you find that they are anxious for you to find the Archdruid. Kagha has commanded the druids in the area to start a rite of thorns to block off the Grove, and not everybody agrees with this. 

When you first interact with Kagha, the only explanation you get for her decision to proceed with the rite is that she needs to protect the Grove from the Goblins. She has little remorse for the Tieflings who would be left stranded as a result, and she will only stop the rite if you bring Halsin back from wherever he is. 

One player discovered that after a successful history check when playing as a Druid, Kagha is actually a shadow druid

“It wasn’t until I played a druid and performed a history check that I learned that the rite of thorns is tied to shadow druids. Upon further investigation, there’s a hidden chest in the grove with a letter addressed to Kagha,” they said. “Long story short, this b***h is working with the shadow druids and you can confront her or defend the grove from shadow druids. This game keeps surprising me 400 hours later.”

Finding out Kagha is a Shadow Druid changes how you can decide to save the Grove. At first, it seems that you can only stop the rite of thorns by finding Halsin. Knowing that Kagha is a Shadow Druid, however, means that you can confront her directly and stop her plans without Halsin getting involved.

If you convince Kagha to leave behind her shadowy ways and then bring Halsin back to the Grove, her dialogue with Halsin becomes a lot less confrontational than it would have been if you did not have this information.

When the OP shared their discovery, Baldur’s Gate 3 fans were excited to try it in their next playthrough. One commenter said, “Ah, now that I wish I’d known. She was the only NPC besides Wulbren that wasn’t a true villain that I came very close to murdering.”

Managing to confront and stop Kagha in this way gives your player character the tag ‘Faithwarden.’

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