Strange Apex Legends Replicator glitch is teleporting players across the map

Hamza Khalid
Revenant in front of a replicator in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have encountered a teleportation glitch that lets them use a Replicator to quickly travel across the map while playing as Revenant.

Apex Legends players have dealt with their fair share of bugs and glitches that have a variety of different effects on gameplay from giving players infinite charge to letting them shoot right through solid walls.

Some of these glitches provide players with an edge over their opponents while others are just amusing to watch, and players are now reporting one that is letting them teleport across the map during battles.

Apex Legends Replicator

Apex Legends player ‘Skeptation’ highlighted this glitch in a video on their YouTube channel, showing them using a Replicator on the map while playing as the Legend Revenant to suddenly teleport.

The glitch happens when you activate Revenant’s Death Totem before entering the Replicator. You are able to move around the map while the purchase menu is active and then be immediately teleported back to the Replicator.

While you can’t fire your weapon or use Legend abilities, it can lead to some hilarious encounters. Make sure you give this trick a go when you next drop into a match.

While doing this, your vision is limited and you can’t fire weapons or change your direction. This glitch won’t give you a serious advantage over your opponents during combat, but it’s still amusing to see.

Since it’s not a game-breaking glitch that players can exploit to gain a serious edge during battles, the Apex Legends developers probably won’t patch it up anytime soon, especially since they’re busy with the Season 12 launch.

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