Simple Apex Legends trick lets Revenant Reborn leap huge distances

revenant reborn in apex legends season 18 broken moonRespawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Revenant Reborn rework gives the Legend some brand-new abilities, and it seems players have already figured out the best way to use his Tactical with one simple trick.

The Apex Legends Season 18 update introduced Revenant Reborn to players, a complete overhaul of the Legend that gave the simulacrum some brand-new abilities to master.

While it’s currently not entirely clear how he will fit into the meta, his new abilities are certainly strong, especially when being aggressive and pushing enemies after doing some initial damage. One of the best ways to do this is with his new Shadow Pounce Tactical, which is essentially a mobility ability that allows Revenant to cover distances quickly.

Most players know that you can charge up the Shadow Pounce ability to leap further, but some have been finding inconsistencies with the travel distance.

Luckily, there’s one simple trick for improving the distance at which Revenant covers with the Shadow Pounce, and it involves the direction you’re facing before you leap.

In response to a Reddit post showing a clip of a player falling to their death after failing to use Revenant’s Shadow Pounce to cover a large gap, players began sharing some advice.

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One comment revealed the ultimate tip for Revenant’s Shadow Pounce, as they said: “Don’t look up. Rev’s jump arcs itself automatically, looking up makes you go way less distance.”

Other players also agreed, as another user commented “Yea.. looking up at all severely cripples that ability’s distance.”

So, next time you go to use Revenant’s Shadow Pounce, make sure you look in the direction of where you would like to leap, but keep your angle straight and do not look up in the sky.

You can also look straight down at the floor when using the Shadow Pounce, as this won’t give you much height, but it will leap you forward extremely fast and bounce you off the ground.

Some feel that the ability should have an “indicator,” similar to Loba’s bracelet, as they feel it’s “blizzard they didn’t add one.” Perhaps this is something that will be added to the character in a future update, as it is Revenant’s first season with these new abilities.

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