Every Apex Legends Ultimate & Tactical ability cooldown

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Wondering how fast your Apex Legends character’s abilities will come back? Here’s a complete breakdown of every Legend’s Ultimate and Tactical ability, as well as their cooldown times.

You’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of unique characters when jumping into a game of Apex Legends. All of the Legends come with their own Tactical and Ultimate abilities that you can use to your advantage, or to get yourself out of a sticky situation.

Respawn gave each ability a cooldown timer to prevent players from spamming them constantly. So, if you want to understand how each Legends’ kit works, we’ve gone over every Ultimate and Tactical ability’s cooldown timer below, so you can master your favorite characters.

All Apex Legends Tactical ability cooldowns

You’ll use Tactical abilities quite often in an Apex Legends match since they charge faster than Ultimate abilities. In some cases, a Legend’s Tactical ability can store multiple charges, but you’ll still want to avoid using them all up at once.

Here’s a breakdown of every Legends’ Tactical ability cooldowns:

LegendTactical AbilityCooldown
AshArc Snare25s
BangaloreSmoke Launcher33s (2 charges)
BloodhoundEye of the Allfather25s
CausticNox Gas Trap25s (3 charges)
CatalystPiercing Spikes25s (2 charges)
CryptoSurveillance Drone40s (once destroyed)
FuseKnuckle Cluster25s
GibraltarDome of Protection30s
HorizonGravity Lift15s
LifelineD.O.C. Heal Drone45s
LobaBurglar’s Best Friend29s
Mad MaggieRiot Drill22s
MiragePsyche Out15s
NewcastleMobile Shield15s
PathfinderGrappling Hook10-30s
RampartAmped Cover20s (3 charges)
RevenantSilence25s (2 charges)
SeerFocus of Attention30s
ValkyrieMissile Swarm30s
VantageEcho Relocation20s
WattsonPerimeter Security30s (4 charges)
WraithInto the Void25s

It’s also possible for you to boost the speed at which your Legend’s Tactical abilities will recharge by 20% by equipping the Gold Helmet. You’ll be able to better plan out when and how often you should use them in the midst of combat if you know the time they take to recharge.

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Apex Legends abilities can seriously shift the tide of a fight if timed right.

Apex Legends Ultimate ability cooldowns

While Tactical abilities are what you’ll be using most often during an Apex Legends match, you’ll find Ultimate abilities handy for getting you out of a tight spot. This is the most effective tool at a Legend’s disposal and can take a while to charge up.

Here’s a breakdown of each Legends’ Ultimate ability cooldown:

LegendTactical AbilityCooldown
AshPhase Breach2 mins
BallisticTempest2 mins
BangaloreRolling Thunder3 mins
BloodhoundBeast of the Hunt3 mins
CausticNox Gas Grenade3 mins
CatalystDark Veil2 mins
CryptoDrone EMP3 mins
FuseThe Motherlode2 mins
GibraltarDefensive Bombardment4 mins 30s
HorizonBlack Hole3 mins
LifelineCare Package3 mins 30s
LobaBlack Market Boutique2 mins
Mad MaggieWrecking Ball1 min 30s
MirageLife of the Party1 min
NewcastleCastle Wall2 mins
OctaneLaunch Pad1 min 30s
PathfinderZipline Gun2 mins
RampartMobile Minigun “Sheila”2 mins
RevenantDeath Totem3 mins
SeerExhibit3 mins
ValkyrieSkyward Dive3 mins
VantageSniper’s Mark40s (5 charges)
WattsonInterception Pylon3 mins
WraithDimensional Rift3 mins 30s

Your Legend’s Ultimate ability can be the only thing that pushes your squad toward victory, so make sure you have it charged and ready in battle. You must only use it when the perfect opportunity presents itself.

If you happen to come across an Ultimate Accelerant, then you can gain an instant 20% charge to that ability. Just like with your Tactical abilities, you can speed up the rate at which your Ultimate will charge with the help of a Gold Helmet.

Who has the longest ability cooldowns in Apex Legends?

In terms of Tactical abilities, Lifeline’s D.O.C. Heal Drone has the longest cooldown at 45 seconds, while Gibraltrar’s Defensive Bombardment has the longest cooldown for Ultimate abilities.

Who has the fastest ability cooldowns in Apex Legends?

Octane’s Stim has the fastest Tactical cooldown at just 2 seconds, but Vantage’s Sniper’s Mark has the fastest Ultimate cooldown at 40 seconds and five charges.

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