Brilliant Apex Legends trick is perfect for breaking Pathfinder’s Zipline

Hamza Khalid
Pathfinder Zipline in apex legends

Pathfinder’s ultimate Zipline ability lets Apex Legends players get across the map, but it also leaves a pathway open for enemies to follow them. However, there’s a simple trick that can counter this.

There are 19 different characters that you can play as in Apex Legends. Each of these Legends come with their own unique set of abilities that are useful for a variety of gameplay scenarios.

Pathfinder’s ultimate ability is a Zipline that lets him cover a lot of ground quickly. However, the downside is that enemies can also use this to follow the Legend across the map and then eliminate him.

Luckily, there’s a trick that can be used to counter this.

Apex Legends trick to break Pathfinder’s Zipline

Pathfinder grapple in Apex Legends

This tactic was highlighted by Reddit user ‘Uhcoustic’ in the Apex Legends subreddit. It involves placing the Zipline in a way that breaks it after you and your and team have safely crossed it.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Use Pathfinder’s Zipline ultimate ability
  2. Place one nod in the way of a door’s path by aiming at a doorframe
  3. Swing the door over the ability to destroy the Zipline

This clever placement ensures that the Zipline can’t be used by your opponents against you. You and your team will be able to get across the map without being followed closely by enemy players.

This tactic isn’t restricted to just doorways either. You can achieve the same effect by placing Pathfinder’s ultimate Zipline ability on a moving platform or a sealed supply bin before going across.

Other players have even found other methods to get this done. “You can start near a door or just outside a door then go to where you need to be and use [Crypto’s drone] to close/open the door and destroy the zip,” wrote one user.

You can use this trick to eliminate the biggest point of vulnerability in Pathfinder’s ultimate ability. So, be sure to try it out for yourself the next time you and your team are using the Zipline to cross the map.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment