Fortnite player shares “brilliant” trick to replace Rift to Go

Ezequiel Leis
Fortnite Rift

Fortnite went back to basics with its OG Season, and players seem to be discovering new ways of using some of the classic items that are returning to the battle royale. One player shared an interesting way of using the Rift-To-Go, and fans are praising their creativity.

Fortnite players are having a blast with the OG Season, so much so that many are asking Epic Games to make it a permanent mode going forward. While the season is shorter than usual, weekly updates are bringing back many weapons, items, and even vehicles from Chapter 1, making players rediscover them in Unreal Engine 5.

But the graphics aren’t the only thing that is new. Some players are also discovering new ways of using some of the classic items in combination with some of the features that arrived in Fortnite with later Chapters.

Reddit user ‘CatsGoodAtReddit’ made a post titled “Nice way to replace an item with the rift-to-go” to show an interesting way of using the teleport item without having to sacrifice a slot in the weapon inventory.

The trick looks simple enough but requires very precise timing. CatsGoodAtReddit’s clip shows the player building a wall and activating the Rift-To-Go right before jumping and mantling over it. This makes the player avoid the portal, giving them the chance to grab any item or weapon they left behind when getting the Rift-To-Go.

Other players were quick to praise OP for their creativity. “Craziest way to do this, to date. Good stuff,” stated another Reddit user, while others said, “Brilliant. I’ll do this,” and “You’re a legend for sharing this.”

Fortnite players are celebrating this cool trick after Epic Games nerfed the Rift-To-Go. Previously, players had a short time window to grab the item they left behind, but it’s been nerfed for quite some time. “I don’t know why they ever changed it from being able to quickly pick up an item just after using the rift before it zaps you away,” commented another player.

While a Reddit user thinks this trick is only possible due to an issue that could be fixed, many pointed out that it’s a “cool issue” that doesn’t break or damage the game.

Fortnite OG has still a lot of content coming before it ends on December 2, so make sure to check every Weekly Quest available and where to find Driftboards around the island.

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