Apex Legends Triple Take receives missed Season 11 buff

Hamza Khalid
Pathfinder using Triple Take in Apex Legends

After going through some changes in Apex Legends Season 11, the Triple Take is being buffed ⁠⁠in Arenas mode after Respawn Entertainment forgot to add a key change to it.

Apex Legends Season 11 brought a ton of new content, including the Storm Point map, a classic Titanfall SMG, and all-new Legend Ash. We also saw the return of the Triple Take weapon too.

The developers made a few changes so that this weapon now takes Energy ammo again along with a few select Marksman Rifle attachments. However, the weapon wasn’t functioning properly in Arenas mode.

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Triple Take in Apex Legends

Various Apex Legends players noticed that the Triple Take was suffering from a lack of ammo in Arenas mode. This caught the attention of Respawn Entertainment, who then patched it up in a new update.

“We’ve just pushed out an Apex playlist update to increase the Triple Take ammo in Arenas from 48 to 144,” the developers tweeted on November 16. This is meant to fix the issues with the weapon in Arenas.

The developers then explained that they initially forgot about the Triple Take’s ammo consumption changes after reverting it back to an Energy Marksman Rifle. The weapon was consuming too much ammo.

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Now, they’ve fixed the problem by tripling the ammo reserve to make up for the ammo consumption.

This change will make using the weapon much more viable in Arenas mode. At the time of writing, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t announced any more plans to further buff the Triple Take in Apex Legends.

However, we will see some other changes soon enough, as one of the devs promised some updates for Season 11’s Storm Point map. Respawn has also hinted at some major ranked changes after the recent rank point rework.  

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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