Apex Legends Season 16 introduces new Nemesis burst AR

Luca Di Marzo
nemesis burst ar in apex legends

Apex Legends Season 16 Revelry will introduce a brand-new weapon into the battle royale. Players will get the chance to utilize the Nemesis Assault Rifle as it makes its way to the game with the new update.

While Apex Legends players will not receive a brand-new Legend in Season 16, they’ll still have a ton of new content to explore. Some big changes are on the horizon, including TDM and Mixtape replacing Arenas in Apex Legends Season 16.

As players discover the new Mixtape mode, they’ll have the opportunity to do so with a new weapon in hand. The devs confirmed that Apex Legends Season 16 will introduce the Nemesis, a brand-new burst Assault Rifle that could shake up the battle royale.

Nemesis AR in Apex Legends Season 16

Prior to the Season 16 Apex Legends update on February 14, the devs revealed the content that players can expect to dive into once the update rolls out. While the TDM mode is sure to grab players’ attention, many were also intrigued by the new Nemesis Assault Rifle.

Revelry introduces players to the Nemesis, and it’s looking to be a powerful weapon in Season 16, rivaling that of the R-301 and Flatline. Nemesis is a new energy class AR that will fire four rounds per burst.

Interestingly enough, the more you fire the weapon, the shorter the time between bursts will become. In other words, “the Nemesis features a ramping burst delay that decreases the time between bursts and simulates a fully automatic weapon.”

The Nemesis has a chance to be a real game-changer in Apex Legends Season 16 and players will no doubt be eager to get their hands on it.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

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