Apex Legends players outraged with “terrible” Private Match requirement

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends seer

Apex Legends players are not happy at all with the recent announcement of the Private Match requirements, causing massive backlash.

The Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event in Season 15 revitalized the battle royale with some fresh content such as Seer’s Heirloom, the introduction of Private Matches for all players, and the return of Control.

Unfortunately, those looking forward to Private Matches becoming a public feature have been stumped by one of the mode’s requirements which the community is reacting pretty negatively to.

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While many thought that Apex Legends’ Private Match feature would allow them to start a match with a small party of their close friends, this has been shot down by the devs. They announced that Private Matches will require a minimum of 30 players.

This has left many outraged, with the comments under Respawn’s announcement expressing disappointment. One comment said, “Not really private if I need 29 others,” while another called it a “terrible decision.”

Apex Legends content creator Mokeysniper even dubbed the announcement as a “HUUGE F,” as they were hoping that Private Matches would allow them to provide a base for “Movement training…exploration to study the map,” and a place for 1v1s.

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All that said, players can enjoy Private Matches for Arenas, which only requires a maximum of six players. However, this limits players to the Arenas format, which isn’t as free-flowing or big as the battle royale mode.

We’ll have to wait and see if anything changes with the Apex Legends Private Match requirements in the future, as many in the community do seem to be unhappy.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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